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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 4:13PM :

guys what I have been privileged to experience. Just when I thought the water held mostly sharks, Assyrians stepped forward, stepped up to the mark beautifully. I actually got to see, before dying, Assyrians bother to get at the truth of an incident...actually to trouble themselves to go out and discover what they can before forming an opinion or passing judgement.

All I wanted was a fair hearing. Neither John would agree to confront me in front of people...nor would Atour, neither would Jackie. It isn``t my "quick tongue"or "dirty mouth" that discourages them either, though they say that. People in debate with me or in open and fair conversation have nothing at all to fear. Any audience could decide for itself in any case.

They wont do it because they are at a disadvantage when having to deal out in the open. Like microbes they do their dirt away from light...where things stink and are rotten and damp with envy and puss.

Just a fair hearing...and we all know you need money to get one in a court in this country...where your money can also get you off, even for murder most foul. I have to get justice where I can...and if I seem to hit below the belt, literally...it is because these others have hit all of US below the belt in every way possible.

Someday soon I hope to state the particluars...till then just be glad to know that we have strong people as well as all the other kinds.

-- pancho
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