Dear Jackie and Ron

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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 8:21PM :

Will one of you please confirm what really happened between the two of you at that convention in LA? Reason I ask is that I have to bring it up in court, as an example of the sort of thing she does to people behind their backs...and while that has always protected her in the past, it is that big fat PAST of hers thatīs gonna get paddled.

Now I THAT a physical threat? Will there be a sollemn petition declaring that I said I would paddle her "past", and am in violation of something for using "past", when we all know I meant ASS...whassmater, we canīt use satire or puns in America anymore since Jackie lost it?

Since when does her propensity to get offended deserve legal protection? Let her get as offended as she wants to...itīs a big world out there. Is THAT a threat? Does my saying itīs a big world out there mean Iīm going to puncture her tires and escape into the void? Is THAT a threat? Are "tires" a coded message for tits or ass? Is THAT an insult? Am I not to mention her tits or ass...are they sacred or inviolable? Is THAT a ruination of her character? Do I mean to hint that I want to violate her tits OR ass? Is THAT actionable because I have exposed a hidden desire to violate them, Is THAT a threat because...

-- panch
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