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Posted by pancho VIVE from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 10:47AM :

In Reply to: Yahweh Creates Evil posted by Turkish Delight from 64-66-217-191.stkn.bigvalley.net ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 9:09PM :

That the god of the old testicles is a brute and a bloody madman, there can be little argument. If you were to focus only on the "cruel" laws of Hammurabi, or anyone else from that time period you would see a mirror image of what MEN have done, and sought divine sanction for, and it wouldnīt be pretty either.

The Jews clung to their old ways, that has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they kept that tie that binds a People when sent out to roam the earth, strangers in strange lands. It is also a curse because it keeps a portion of the populace wedded to ridiculous barbarisms...like cutting off the living flesh from an innocent child to offer the bit of foreskin as a token to that same Nut case as a covenant...when in any decent society it should get you thrown into jail.

I am not about to let the excesses of the leaders of one faction in Israel be used as an excuse to tar the Jews with that same Christian brush that has been painting them black for the last 2000 years. The Jews are a great People, period. But just as any other Great People, Americans and Iraqis and Assyrians included, they have cruel, greedy and stupid people among them who know how to play on peoplesī fears, even create the conditions that bring on the causes for fear in the first place.

I want no part of a backlash against Jews, disguised as "concern" for Palestinians, when the world stood by, as they did in the case of the Jews, for years while inequity after injustice was done to them. The Jews never killed Jesus, but the church used that ploy for ages to bolster its own position. There is no sudden interest in justice for Palestinians...the outrage being expressed is primarily the hidden loathing of Jews that is still beneath the Christian surface.

Those who spoke out before, have some claim to being angry for what a portion of Jews, a segment of Israeli society is doing. Donīt forget those Israeli officers who a few weeks back defied their own propaganda and issued a statement saying they would no longer participate in the brutalization of an innocent People...as they themselves were brutalized.

Do not make of this thing a religious issue again, sliding down that same path that keeps us coming to this bloody end time again...this bloody end that so benefits certain types we have among ALL these sisters from hell. This is an issue of greed, of dirty play, of revenge and inhumanity that has NOTHING to do with being Jewish any more than it has with being Muslim or Christian.

We have as many deranged people among ourselves who would LOVE to pull a trigger against those they hate. It has been the dismal success of the Bushes and Sharons among us that they manage to pit entire populations and religions and countries, even regions, against one another as if we arenīt the same miserable creatures with an equal shot at greatness or depravity.

The old man of them testicles was an insane reflection of his times...he can be rejected and thrown back into the ash heap he came from without hating a single Jew. It is the actions of despicable people that are the subject here, not their hiding behind or coming from any one flag or god.

-- pancho VIVE
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