Jackster Calls The Cops On My Mother

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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 12:27PM :

This was an interesting escalation. It shows how desperate she is, and also to what lengths she is capable of going to...and has in the past. The petition her lawyer filed seeking a retraining ( I'm going to leave that typo intact) order because I am a physical threat to her and her children and cars is a fiction of hers...there is no basis for it at all. Since the convention I have not called Jackie, e-mailed her or sought in any way to make contact with her...for what? The only time we met was when I went to her club asking for an application to join. It is ironic that a huge banner was hung from the roof giving the welcome to anyone who would "please come join us".

She has yet to respond, another clear violation of their rules and procedures...there is no basis on which to deny me membership, none except her sayso...which was all she needed to get me thrown out of the convention because there she acted quickly and quietly, never informing her membership until it was a done deal, and then only by lying to them and the Hotel management. In this case her membership is not convinced she has a valid reason, or any reason at all, except that my presence there will give the lie to her assertion that I am a foul mouthed, rude and vulgar person, and casts in doubt her insistance that I must be denied entry at all costs. She knows full well I am none of those things I can USE all of those things, and am far better at it than those who merely are vulgar in their nature. I use them as a weapon, as a means of defense, attack, illumination and humor etc. and in this case especially, when the very person most responsible for making me broke so that I can't afford a lawyer, then uses her advantage to get one who spews petitions out his ass end like confetti. It is a far more effective weapon than any punch in the face or gun or bomb. Those things are rude and vulgar, I am not. Any fair minded person who knows me knows that.

I arrived at the place at the same time she did. It was dark by then and I sat in my car waiting over half an hour until two other people on her executive board appeared and went inside. I wasn't about to go in there with just she and I in attendance. I'd made that mistake with Nimrod before. You need witnesses with these people..and I know the other people in her club well enough to know they are not liars.

Some ten minutes after the three of them gathered, I knocked on the door, heard Jackies voice invite whoever it was in, stepped only into the doorway, said "hello, I was passing by, saw your banner and would like to join". Jackie stated three times that they would be contacting me by mail...another addition she invented on the spot that night for dealing with anyone wishing to join. I thanked them and left, that was all. I am certain that in the past they were happy enough to hand out all the applications asked for.

Now some of us, who operate on the "We are still turkeys in Turkey" system will think, well of course she didn't want you to join...you made her mad. That's just the problem...you can't do anything serious in this world if you operate on that principle. If someone once said something nasty aboiut your mother's great uncle, you should NOT use that as a reason to toss out the rules you, at another time, make a great show of following, and filing and "amending" and refering to, and shouting out, "Mister President, MISTER PRESIDENT, POINT OF ORDER!!" when you sense the slightest infraction of them RULES. There either is, or there isn't rule, and Law and Order. You don't keep the laws in reserve to apply whenever a friend of yours comes along, and dispense with when someone who angered you comes by. That's why I say she has made of it "Her" club.

It is also another of the infantile ways in which these leaders, who DO treat Assyria as if it were a playpen where they have the most toys, are madly intent on keeping us all enthralled to... nothing, nothing of any real significance, with the unhappy result that anyone with half a brain runs screaming in the night, while those with hardly any brain, or anywhere to run to, remain to be bedazzled by used cars. This has to change and I've seen promising signs that others feel the same way...more now thanks to Jackie and what she has done since I first said, "No, you have a husband for that". Jackie is as stupid as the other leaders we have...even more so because she has convinced herself that she is the brightest bulb around.

All the other things on the petition are nonsense, or rather they don't belong there. Remember that this is a standard form, she told her lawyer what to write there, and being no dummy and having rent to pay, he put down what she told him to. All of the business about her private anatomy waking up in the morning in dread...the writings on a public forum, the cars and all of it, are no reason for any court to issue a restraining order. This petition is only aimed and stopping those actions and threats which promise BODILY HARM. She can sue elsewhere and under different statutes for defamation of her doodles etc.

Having her lawyer send a copy to the Police in my mother's neighborhood, to alert them that a man is living with the kind of a mother who would have a "violent" or "threatening son"...makes the Police, especially in this day and age, regard her, she lives two blocks from the station, with suspicion from then on. They might even cruise by the house to see if I am strapping bombs to myself in preparation to go blow us all up at her club. When the petition is denied, and it will be...I am going to ask the judge to send his order to the Police Department or do something so that the cops know there was nothing to it...just more of what Jackie has ever done to maintain her position and get ready for that run at office where the really important people are... and that ain't you or me.

John Nimrod discovered us on his way down, Atour Golani has been "down there" all his life...Jackie discovered a way to use us on her way up...and anyone who harbors fond hopes of Jackie ever doing something for "Us" will be in for a rude surprise...but by then...who needs you?

-- panch
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