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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 3:40PM :

In Reply to: Re: No Mention posted by Stella from ? ( on Monday, March 04, 2002 at 12:47PM :

I know where you live.

-- Jackie Bejan
-- signature .

*****This is the substance of Jackie´s claim that I pose a threat to her and her cars. I wrote the thing in her name cause it´s just the kind of thing she has ACTED like doing. She would never make the statement of course...never up front and all of that. But she WOULD tell the police where your mother lives if you refused her sexual come ons and wouldn´t let her brother be the only one to sing, and tried to defend yourself from her efforts to ruin you financially. And she HAS implied to people I know that buying sculpture from me now is a sort of betrayal of her or her club or Assyria in general.. She HAS done things to people behind their backs. My post is obviously no threat directed against her and her three used cars.

She told me what she did about Dr. Ron Michaels...whether true or not...to give me something "secret" to know about him. No doubt she has told others, maybe Ron himself "secrets" about me...or you, or someone who knows you. She doesn´t like people to have other friends, in my case other patrons. She was fiercely jealous of my relationship with Narsai and couldn´t tell me quickly enough when he finally consented to have lunch with her...I suggested it.

Now I know something about Ron...I know something about John...I know something about Susan, Mary, Sam, Peter and a whole lot of other people I have no wish to know anything about, whose business is none of my own. But chances are I´m going to THINK I know something about them...I´m going to THINK that Jackie has some inside track to everyones dirty laundry when she´d just making the whole thing up...figuring I would never check up on her stories.

I did, and found out she was lying both times, as she lied about me to the people she e-mailed. She is of the Gassman school of, "so long as you are a sneak about what you do...you´re clean and legal" Jackie´s mouth is almost as foul as the Gassman´s, but in private of course...and her tactics are every bit as despicable as Francis Sarguis´. The difference is the difference between hidden crap and what you can see stinks. Perfect for politics.

whatcha gonna wear?

-- pancho
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