Baby Killing

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 10:55AM :

When they came to kill Jewish babies and no one did anything...they came to kill German and Russian babies. Then they killed Palestinian babies and no one did anything...they kill Iraqi and Assyrian and Chaldean babies with impunity...why be surprised when they come to kill yours?

All the Israelis have managed to do, all the Romans, the Assyrians, the Germans..all war has ever achieved is mark your own children for slaughter eventually.

You might just as well hire your "enemies" to come kill your babies and be done with it. Thatīs all youīre gonna achieve. Killing never stopped anyone from killing. If the Nazi Christians couldnīt wipe out an entire people and be done with it...then no one can. If those people bounced back in 10 years and got their own country...then there will be no stopping the Palestinians either.

No one needs to come gunning American babies...their own parents and siblings and neighbors and policemen and teachers will do the job. America is turning its vioilent ways against itself. It had to come eventually. No one needs to attack America, they just have to keep from getting attacked by it...or its proxies...and know that each one their people killed unjustly will result in bringing America closer to her own ruin.

The only thing that will save this great nation is to take it back from the corporations and those who just pulled off a coup de etat, comandeering the government through loop holes and shlipshod voting mechanisms and enough scoundrels put into office quietly over the years to be ready for just such a day.

America has an open system of government that must be protected by its people, otherwise it is all too easy for factions and conglomerates, only nominally "American", or with the interests of the American people really at heart, to use all the slick and sly techniques developed to sell us all soap and vaginal spray and viagra and tennis shoes no one sell us on "ideas" and plans and methods for getting us something for nothing...which is really what they promise...while they walk away with everything, tossing crumbs to us over their shoulders as they sell off what remains of our wealth and souls to go live in the kinds of places only they can afford.

America belongs to its people, not to its politicians and certainly not to this fool. There is much work to do mending fences with those we share this planet with. We are being lied to continually to manipulate us into accepting whatever Big Business, thatīs our government now, tells us is good for us. Letīs see them be American enough to take America back.

-- panch
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