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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 10:59AM :

The Jackster is using the claim that I pose a physical threat to her as a way to sneak into the restraining order that I also be restrained from mentioning, and remove all reference to, her tits and ass and pooter on the internet. The two don't belong together. You get an immediate restraining order because you are being stalked by someone who has made obvious and direct threats against your person...throwing her children into the equation just shows what weak ground she stands on. I have never threatened her, or anyone else, with physical harm. When I was younger, living in the MidEast I did plenty of fighting, never by choice and later in the United States I assiduously avoided all fights in high school, even to the point of being taunted as a chicken. If you can at all avoid a it! If someone corners me where there really is no escape, I'll kill 'em...none of this, a few punches thrown and then shake hands. Other than that, avoid the thing altogether.

When William Youmarran threatened to beat me up at the convention in Chicago, I simply stared at his contorted face like he was an idle curiosity. Later when the whole thing blew over and he hugged me and wanted to take us out to dinner...he'd said, "Man you are one cool guy." Meaning, I suppose, that I didn't take his provocation seriously, and I certainly wasn't about to respond in kind.

It has been almost two months since I asked Jackie's Club for an application to join...I will call it" her" club until they stop acting like it and play according to their own rules. Her response that night was that I would be getting a letter from them soon. No one else who has ever asked for an application to the Association, before it became her club, was told to await a letter in the mail. Their usual response, I imagine, would be to eagerly welcome a new member and hand that application to the person promptly, especially is he has taken the trouble to drive out there for it.

Apparently what has happened is that Jackie has been wracking that pointy head of her's to find some plausible reason why I must not be allowed to join. She can't very well have tried to keep me out of the convention on the flimsy grounds expressed in letters she wrote to people... that I was a rude and ill mannered person..(.it's catching)... who has no right to be allowed into a private convention, open only to the polite types we've had all these years...And then turn around and let me into HER club!!!

They have no provision in their by-laws to deny membership to someone who only one or two people consider rude, and that because I told one person to go fuck herself because I sure as hell wasn't going to do it. It is extremely rude to "expose" yourself and make yourself available to a married man who wouldn't be interested if he wasn't married anyway. They of course have the right to deny renewal of membership to someone who has proven him or herself extremely difficult or who seems to fight the organization every step of the way...and they have done that on occasion. But I am not aware they have ever stalled like this...and that is exactly what this is, a stall...until she can come up with some other reason to keep me out, and thereby prove she was justified for what she did to me at the convention.

She's having a hard time of it because her fellow officers aren't buying it this time. They know what has been going on, they know she neglected to inform them of impending action, they know me, know my family, knew and respected my uncle John Toma, the artist and long standing member of their Association. They know I have spoken to their membership in years past, have appeared on their TV program with Jackie several times, they know I gave them a bronze sculpture years ago. They may not know that the Winged Bull sculpture sitting in Jackie's house was also intended as a gift to their organization, or that I gave Jackie the bronze sculpture she gave as a gift to that fellow from North Iraq she is widely rumored to have done the dawg with. They probably also don't know that I gave another bronze sculpture to her organization to be auctioned off to raise money for the AAS, and that it sat on her desk all this time, and may be there yet. The Natives are restless, and hopefully the delay in getting any letter to me, or the application either, indicates that Jackie is meeting with opposition, something she isn't used to. It's doubtful also that one more Benz will do the trick. Her normal reaction, as I have witnessed many times, is to turn on those who oppose her...ahem....calling them stupid, liars, cowards, fools...all the while meaning they must be these things if they refuse to follow her excellent lead, or take orders.

This explains the request for a restraining order. The one sure way left, she thinks, is to convince a judge that I have evil intentions of harming her used cars...grant her request and decree that I must say 300 yards away from her club...her children and husband and house too...but primarliy away from her club. For then not only would she have proven to her members that I was indeed a danger and far more than just rude and vulgar...but, gee whiz, I can't get close enough to the building to attend meetings anyway, so what's the point. It's keeping me out of the meetings, the breakfasts,away from the membership, away from any possible meeting between us where others will see how polite I am that is her one goal. Every lie she concocted breaks down and exposes what she did if I come walking into the building, smile on my face, shaking hands with old aquaintances and maybe just inspiring the membership to make a new monument for San Jose, as she will work behind the scenes to ruin the we wont need all of her immense contacts for...or money either. In other words...we would be done with being used by this Jackster to feed her own political ambitions and her need to "be" somebody.

Inadvertantly, she may yet turn out to have provided a service to the community...her egregious actions, her certainty that we would be forever enthralled by three used cars and the amount of spare time she manages to squeeze away from her husband and children...all of her crowing about "contacts" and how mayors and others were beholden to her would disappear in a puff of bullshit.

There is energy, a willingness to work, a sense of fair play and commitment among our people in San Jose like I haven't seen anywhere else. I have always hated that city because I had to spend my high school years there. If you'd have seen it in the 60's you'd know why. I have to admit, however, that San Jose has been pleasantly transformed...but what is more significant is that many of our people have settled there in the recent past. Being a younger more dynamic bunch there is great potential in them, but they have been badly served by people like Jackie who see them primarily as a resource with which to launch another kind of career.

I would stake a few more years of my life on the conviction that there would be little nonsense in our community there if we decided to make ourselves a known entity in the city's cultural life...NOT in some petty political adjunct role where a Jackster can deliver 100 votes to a politician who'll take whatever he can get wherever he can get it. I mean in some commanding role, with a bold presence in something far more lasting than two politicos scratching each other. Jackie would never back such a thing unless it brings maximum glory to she tried to do with the Shumirum Monument...same as Dimrod. In fact, she may be the ONE idiot in San Jose who will work like a mule to block us. That would be good too, because nothing would reveal her for what I know she is better than that. She will fail, as she will ultimately fail in her attempt to bury me...though she can and will inflict pain and do damage.

If we are serious about our children growing up to value their Heritage, then we have to do serious things, seriously. It is no joke, no simple matter to have a monument accepted and installed in major cities in America. Serious work can pose's in the nature of things. No one will stop Assyrians from having a picnic and dancing. But when it's done, what has been accomplished for the long haul? Dance and sing, by all means...but let's have something to dance and sing about...let's dance like crazy and sing our heads off on the day we unveil a monument in San Jose...something that will draw attention to our Heritage each and every day it stands...and give our children an icon of their own to feel pride in.

What are used cars compared with that?

-- panch
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