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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 11:24AM :

This is in response to a post at beth about how there is a law now in California that..oh go read it...itīs too dumb. think we are going to believe this nonsense...or believe it yourself, if you do. How come you guys can never give any proof for the dumb things you come posting as urgent matters? All your hysterical pronouncements carry not a lick of evidence with them except some one of your own ignoraymouses comes up with...calling himself a "journalist" because he "published" an "article" in an Assyrian "magazine"...right next to the ten thousandth installment of the millionth reuinting of the soccer club of Habaniya...and a dissertation on them old Mars.

Donīt judge people by your own lights...not everyone feels compelled to rename themselves and hope thereby to better the poor fabric they were made of at birth. You are what you are...and we are no dummies. Come back with some evidence for this ridiculous statement.

But lets take you at your word...always a dicey thing with you...letīs say this was really going to come to pass. Where were you guys when it was being proposed? Would you have attended a debate between myself and the person proposing this...even though you donīt like "me"? And if they were able to get their asses up and get moving and go through all the things you would have to do to pull somethingīlike this off...POWER TO THEM!!!

Where were you? Where have you people been for 100 years while the Assyrian language wasnīt taught anywhere? Who stopped you from DOING something in all that time...from DOING something now...from building your OWN school? That isnīt your style though is donīt build, you donīt create, you donīt PROTEST your fool head off and think youīve done a good days work.

If, in this country, it was this easy to get a LAW passed to FORCE children to dress as Muslims and learn Islam...then think how ridiculously easy it would have been...still is...for us to build a school that allows us to teach Assyrian and our peculiar brand of Christianity...AND...SHOVE IT DOWN A MUSLIM KIDīS THROAT!!!

Go on...start the ball that school...get that law passed...if your silly call for yet more protests is honest...I know you are "sincere"...but there is a difference.

You make me sick...thank GOD your line will end with you.

-- panch
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