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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 5:47PM :

I leave in a few hours by bus for a three days ride from Mexico to see Jackie and her lawyer. When I had more money I used to fly the distance, or drive my own car.

This was the year of the Jackster`s convention, 2002, at which a German woman received free not only her plane fare, suite, and meals...but at which a grown Assyrian man was driven to his knees dealing with her early morning request for a glass of whine to calm her frazzled Kraut nerves. The same year the only Assyrian sculptor we have who has placed a monument for all of us in San Francisco, was kicked out for being unwilling to go along with the Jackster. Also the convention that saw our cute little leader lie his fool head off in order to block the completion of another monument, the third, which was intended for his own cahoots with another honored guest of Jacksters who is allowed to speak whatever drivel he wants but is protected from answering simple questions...and who himself has also blocked the installation of the second Assyrian public monument in 2500 years.

We have nothing to fear from any Muslims...our detractors are all cozily in among us.

This was the year, the third in a row to see my fortunes marriage break up, my children and I separated for the first time in our lives together, and at Christmas no less, to see my earnings drop to half and less by see me have to start another business entirely in order to recover some chance to support my see my monuments languish, one of them for six years in a warehouse, the other destroyed by me...and happily so, rather than see it moulder and be reminded of what these pygmies did to us.

Yet I would do it all over again. My great uncle Babajan Malik, who served as Agha Petrous` bodyguard all through the war years and follwed him into exile in France, along with many other men, when we had them, and women...fought for their kives and ours. This is another sort of battle, not as simple and clear cut as shooting someone and marching over frozen mountaintops...but it is a battle for survival nonetheless.

I guess most of the people I have dealt with aren`t really serious. They play at being Assyrian, changing roles..."I`ll be president now, you be secretary...I think I``ll change my name...POINT OF ORDER!!!" Naturally they want to keep it a game, something to do in their spare time.

But I believe, more than I ever did, that in the hearts of some of our people beats not only a fervor we have not yet tapped into...but in some minds as well is the understanding, the intelligence and will to tackle a most serious job.

We are in every bit as much danger of perishing as our parents ever were crowded into a compound in Urmia waiting to be killed. And we have exactly the same sorts of fools who trusted a Brit or a German or a Russian to take care of us...protect us and GIVE us what we didn``t want to get for ourselves.

The Jackster is every bit as treacherous as any Kurd chieftan ever was, just as capable of lying and ambushing those of us she sees as "enemies". Simko too I am sure had friends among the the Gassbag couldn``t kiss Ross`` lily white ass enough.

This silly war of petitions and complaints and retraining orders is more than it seems on the surface. It brings together two opposing forces, opposing visions of the direction we must take. To Jackie it is most important that we produce a well dressed, well driven individual who will take it upon herself to give us some reflected glory when we hear how she dazzled this or that white man or woman.

My vision is that we move as many of us forward as possible...not become admirers of someone else, once again...but behave in admirable ways ourselves...rise up and get what it is we think we need to revive interest in this Heritage among our young people...who could care less about any politician, Half-assed Assyrian or no.

I want to join her Club...because only in that way will it stop being HER club. It is a symbolic way of taking back what belongs to us...not to these leaders from hell.

-- pancho
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