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Posted by Fox News from ? ( on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 4:07PM :

Walking around Dealey Plaza...the Book Repository...the knoll, the Courthouse. Everywhere you see an open window high up you can't but help think of a rifle muzzle slightly extended...only it didn't happen that way, more than likely. They even have a Conspiracy Museum. After looking around, and walking the streets in a light drizzle I believe Saddam did it.

Hours and hours on a bus. I haven't done this since the last time returned from an Assyruan convention in Detroit around 1980 or 81. Seedy parts of town, winos wonering if I'm a kindred spirit...coffee shop dives. Reminds me of train hopping in the 70's between Seattle and San Francisco...Oakland really.

Six hour layover in Dallas...another five in Los Angeles. I walk around and I wonder about how I got here at 54. My three children are in another country entirely, barely had five days with them before I had to turn back...in part to dance around jackie, in part to speed up the process of selling sculptures so we can eat,

Was it necessary? Couldn't I just have kept my mouth shut? Agree with Nimrod, gone along with Golani, and shagged Bejan? My lawyer couldn't figure any of us out. He couldn't understand why Assyrians were either treating me and my work this way, when to his way of thinking I had brought singular distinction to a people desperately in need...or the others, who kept silent when they weren't attacking me as well.

And what as the matter with me? I was a sculptor...even though I seemed to be intent on winding up with nothing to show for all the work, but still, why didn't I just do the work, take the money and move on? Why not hand the Shumirum over to Nimrod to make another showcase occasion for him to spout his usual about how great we would be if we would just obey him...and look what a monument he brought you. Why not sign whatever Atour wants you to...let him re-design your work, keep him happy and he and his wife will get you money. And why in heavens name NOT stay friends with Jackie, an obviously unwell, though determined woman, who'd already bought thousands from me and wanted to take me vacationing with her as well? What was WRONG with me anyway?

I can't help but think of these things as the rain comes down on Dealey Plaza and I duck around a corner to find this cafe where I write now. I can't afford a plane ticket, so here I am. Not feeling sorry for myself...I knew it would be rough...never dreamed my own people would do this though.

But...I was right, oh so right, and those who are pay a high price for it. Bejan, Golani and Nimrod are the obstacles, not the helpers...they just manage to keep us from seeing it. If you can't see it now...you never will, and if you never will...any Assyrian in you will be gone, either in you, or in your children.

All that is left for this heritage is the ones who see it and are willing to do something about it.

-- Fox News
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