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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 8:28PM :

I mean the spectacle of me carting Assyrian monuments around no one wants...I don't mean no one who runs this country, I mean know, the ones with all the Pride, the stuff we only seem to protest about when it gets stepped on, and inadvertantly at that, cause who the hell knows we exist anyway.

Someone in outer Mongolia decides to do something about Yoghurt and next thing you know Peter Jassboo hears of it and mounts a PROTEST about how dare they and all the rest of it...cause WE INVENTED MILK!

We seem to have invented acting like bonifide Jackasses too.

Maybe that's the whole point...we have a tremendous amount of false pride, are scared as rabbits could ever be that someone is gonna find out about how empty all this raving about "Nineveh Oy Nineveh" really the last thing anyone wants is real public exposure...just like Atour Golani would sink into the ground, halway there, if any dignitaries took him up on his invitations to attend any functions of theirs.

-- pancho
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