ROUND ONE: Parhad vs Bejan in which...

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 7:02PM :

...Bejan loses. A couple of days before leaving for Mexico "that" guy leapt out of the bushes and handed me a supoena requiring my immediate attendance at a hearing to be held a couple of days later to resolve the "urgent" matter of my posing a physical threat to Bejan, her cars and children, in that order. As I was leaving and hadn't the time to spare, I ignored it.

I arrive here yesterday to find a letter requesting my presence at yet another hearing at which we have to discuss the also urgent matter of a land swindle, a loan, and some missing balls, on her not me. Only this time I will be here, and I will go. I called the clerk at the Superior Court down here to get some directions and asked, in a friendly manner, if anything had come of the first urgent matter...the request for an immediate retraining order.

Gave the woman my name and she hunted up the records, and damn me if they didn't go ahead and have the hearing for said request without me there. The hearing was held on the 12th of April. Jackie had asked for an immediate injunction until then, to keep me safely away from her club, her cars, and her that order. Turns out that request was denied, as was her request on the 12th that I be ordered to do all that stuff she had the guy put in my hands. In other words...request denied.

I would like to take a moment to remind all the turkeys from Turkey among us, that the United States has a free and open society. You are free to be a jerk and an asshole, and an asshole with three used cars is as much of an asshole, in the eyes of the Law, as the asshole with one car. The rule of Law and Justice is a difficult thing to maintain in an open's easy in a prison ward or in some Date Palm Republic. In America you are free to be rude or insult, or to praise. The Founders realized that a "correct" society is not a Free one. This Constitution of ours is the main reason you all came running to this country and not Pakistan...but remaining the eternal peasants you seem to want to remain, you no sooner get here than you want to pitch a tent and hang somebody who insults your sense of "Tribal Honor".

It was Janey Golani who opined that the courts of this land would listen to Jackie, because she has money, rather than me, who has none...thanks to Jackie. It was Jackie who threw her "deep pockets" at everyone like she threw her arse at me... both times with no success.

Now consider this...I was three thousand miles away when they gathered before the judge to consider the case. I might as well have been a million or dead. I wasn't there to say a word in my defense or to explain myself, or even to show the Judge that I wasn't the prevert she and her Lawyer were set to paint me as...and I didn't HAVE to be to get a fair shake. That's because the Judge was defending the First Amendment, among other things, and the rule that the person bringing the charges has to prove the case...the one being charged doesn't have to say a damn word.

Now her lawyer served her poorly in this, though he'll deposit her check gladly enough. He could have told her to save her money, that she had no case, but he's no fool...he's a lawyer, so he took the money, and wincing inside, showed up for the hearing where, I imagine, he valiantly tried to make Jackie out to be a "kind" fascist along the lines of Mother Theresa, and me to be this side of Jack the Ripper.

Janey and the rest felt pretty confident too that the minute any judge saw what "awful" and "tewibble" things I was saying about GOD (gasp!) and AMERICA (horrors!) and saw the CAR they all drove to the courthouse in (ENVY!) I'd be dead.

As awful as these things might be in Ankara or Damascus or Jersey, they mean nothing in a court of Law in THIS country because here we don't try to IMPOSE good manners...we leave it to the individual to understand...and we here don't take a shine to people who swear and motherfuck in private, send letters slandering people behind their backs, while all the time maintaining what WE think is a clean and classy and oh so polite front. We even find room for praise for the person who tells the raw and ugly truth when it IS raw and ugly, and will not put a varnish on it to suit himself OR you, OR any official.

America has no meaning at all if you can't go up to the president of the United States and call him a scoundrel to his face. Most of you don't understand that, that's because you grew up fawning all over a Jew, and understand fawning on people better than you do standing upright and tall. I USE that kind of language because I know who I'm dealing with...and because I know enough to let THEM know I will do in public what they do in private and behind our backs. You all know the worst of know next to nothing of the truth of these leaders who bamboozle you and go home to laugh about it.

The judge denied Jackie's request for a restraining order...period...because there was no proof that I'd ever made any violent threats to her or her cars and children, and she knew it! That means he also dismissed her plaintive cry that she couldn't sleep at night without wondering about her anatomy and where it was splashing that morning. He didn't buy any of it, and I wasn't even there to say a word.

It was such an obvious waste of serious people's time, who have real work to do, who will NOT be coerced by her cash into serving her ineterests, something she is used to demanding from "her" people...that it sets the stage wonderfully for our next meeting, which comes up on the 23rd.

All I want, all I have ever asked for, is the chance to put my case before a grown up...that's all. There isn't an attorney living who will present my case more eloquently or more forcefully than I will, not a one.

I'm going to go downtown and get the "minutes of the order", they call it and post it here.

note to Jackie: You are MY meat!!! The court just said so. The fact that your legs go all the way up and make a perfect ass of themselves can be told to all and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. I will count the number of hairs on your pubes, if I choose to...I will WONDER about the distance your nipples are apart when you are aroused IF you are ever aroused...and much more that you will hardly catch a wink of sleep the rest of your days. Or, I might be persuaded to relent and never mention your privates again as I'm sure we're all about as sick of them, and you, as can be. All you'll have to do is send a check for $5.99 made out to "Coyote", the organization in San Francisco founded by Margo St James that supports reformed whores, and I will NEVER mention you again...and I WILL sign a contract promising not to do so.

One other note...people wondered when I was asking to join her club, if I wasn't worried about someone taking umbrage and stepping forward to defend Jackie's other words, might I not be attacked by someone.

Let me be perfectly candid...the only time you have to worry about the Assyrians I've met, is when your back is turned, or you are holding your baby in your arms. Any other time, and especially when face to face, you have nothing to fear. If attacked, I would restrain myself and slap a lawsuit on the offender...Jackie's wounded "honor" and dime a dozen pride is no more protected by the Constitution than are her tits and ass. There can be no provocation, in the Law, for physically attacking someone who tells the truth about you, or anyone you know. You got a complaint...take the person to court. The message to be learned your life honorably and you will be the safest you will ever be.

One other thing...I have stored up a great deal of hurt and resentment at the way I was treated by Assyrian organizations, particularly by their leaders and especially by one woman who could not take "no" for an answer...and turned all her viciousnes against me and MY children...but thought that by doing it behind my back, while well perfumed and bejeweled, driving her cars, and pretending to be as proper as money can make what amounts to white Trash...she would be immune...should think twice.

I am a gentle man, just as I am not a vulgar man. Anyone who wants to attack me in that way had better be set on murder.

Jackie...I told you, never EVER mess with an artist...especially one who has lost as much as I have that I have nothing more to lose by taking it to the extreme.

Send your check, and you will be released.

This is not personal,'s business, and of THIS kind of business, I am a master!

On to round two.

-- pancho
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