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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 10:04AM :

Dear Jackster,

This is where money does more harm that good. It's true your pockets are deeper...but that could just mean you can afford to dig a deeper grave for yourself.

See...the ease with which the court dispensed with your first complaint(without me even there)...something a really good Lawyer would have told you would be the outcome...shows that you are merely out to get more of that revenge I claim was the whole motivation for what you did to me.

At our next meeting you are going to compound your difficulties by yet again showing everyone that you used your money to get a lawyer to bring charges against me that are not only untrue, but for which you have no documentary evidence. There was no contract on the land deal and the courts wont even consider your claim to being jilted and swindled without one. I seriously doubt Lincoln is going to perjure himself to save that ass of yours...as you have done already. He knows the $6,000 was no loan and that you had nothing to do with it, weren't even in the room. I stand ready, as I did since he handed the check over, to give him any piece he asks for...as was our original deal. You have no contract there either and it makes no sense that I would ignore all your "pleas" for repayment and yet you would buy even MORE sculpture from me. You are lying, you know you are and, more than that, you are signing these lies on legal documents. That's the kind of president your poor club is stuck with. A lying, perjuring, fucking woman who can't get laid properly because she collects the balls of all the men around her first.

All we'll have left to discuss will be the missing balls on your bull sculpture. The judge in the case is really gonna appreciate your taking up his time for that! He'll remember that for a long time, also the fool of a woman, president though she may be, who brought such a ridiculous matter to court. I'm going to to try not to laugh when your poor bastard of a lawyer has to explain that one and "seek redress". I wont tell you here what my comments will be, but you'll that one as well, and I'm not going to have to reimburse you a damn thing....though I would dearly love the court to order me to supply you with "Two regulation sized balls" for your sculpture...and some Super Glue. For the first time in your life and as poetic justice too...you can put BACK some balls for a change.

After our next meeting in court, at which you will once again lose...there will be two instances on record when you can be shown to have used your money and your thirst for revenge to "get" me...which is EXACTLY what I am going to maintain you did to me at the convention and since...and YOU, dear fuck...have given me two legal, public and official examples of JUST THAT part of you.

Now, I ask you...is your lawyer really serving your best interests...or like everyone else you have ever bought...is he just making a fool of you?

I told you and I told you...never EVER mess with an artist...don't drive a man like me to desperation because I get calm and quiet and I THINK about what to do...also, I enjoy it!

Thank you for all your help.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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