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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 10:24AM :

What a spectacle! It all comes full circle. Here we are at the birthplace of the Jew, Jesus...the man some Jews followed as the Messiah, giving up their "Jewishness" in time and accepted, then forced, others to convert to their notion of his teachings...later spawning the Muslims from the same loinchops of Abraham, the guy we had enough sense to evict from Ur of the Chaldees "who aren't" and can't PROVE it.

And all three of them have converged on this "holy" place to have out the unholy things these "cousins" have been doing to each other, and the rest of us, for 2000 years since they first began making the world sorry their ancestor didn't die on the desert.

The Christians hounded the Jews for handing over a Jew to the Romans to kill, cause that's what Romans did back then. They've been hounding them for that silly little thing, while zillions died before and since, right up to the modern era when in an orgy of religious feeling "gone bad" they tried to round them all up and kill them off efficiently. Failing that, these Jews who survived, as European and fascistic in their white man sentiments towards darkies as ever a Himmler was, decide to go to an Arab land where their ancestors found the only refuge they ever had, and fight with those people because the fucking same Christians controlled every spot on earth and had even MORE Nazi priests waiting to stir up the "faithfull" against them all over again.

So the very birthplace of the poor man whose simple teachings were perverted by the Roman Empire when it decided to spruce up its image...come the Jews and Muslims, to battle it out to the death in the most Holy Shrine of the religion that started all this goddamn hate mongering 2000 years ago!!!

If there is justice eternal in the stars, surely this is it. It's just a shame that, as usual with these cosmic events, innocent children will die. No pity for the adults...these three sisters from hell are doomed to shed each others blood now till the end of time...and take the rest of us and the planet with them.

This is indeed the "true" religion and its progeny. Christ was not a Christian...not at all, he wasn't even a real Jew and he never had the pleasure of knowing Muhammad.

From insanity, insanity will come.

-- pancho
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