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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 8:27PM :

This terrorist bamboozle is an amazing thing to watch. Jews force their way into Palestinian lands to "settle"...then, since they aren't appreciated by the people whose houses they flattened in order to settle themselves on top of..the Israeli Army has to come defend this theft. While there they throw up roadblocks and cordons so the Palestinians have to get out of the roadways and go around in order to get to the clinic that was just across the road before but is now roped off by a "security zone" cause the Jew settlers don't feel "welcome"...and maybe, just maybe with any luck some Palestinian youth no less gutsy or proud than the meanest Jew throws a rock in their direction and gets shot dead cause he's a "terrorist" and the IDF has to go flatten HIS parents home...and why waste a flat Palestinian house when you can build a nice new Jewish one on top of it from money sent from the United States and extracted from the pockets of unwilling Assyrians, Assyrians who begrudge ten bucks to Iraq because it might be used "illegally"..and that one lone settlers house looks isolated and unsafe all by itself because the surrounding population have already shown "terrorist leanings", so you build some more for new Jew neighbors to come build, on top of the flattened houses of the Palestinians who reacted in anger when THEIR neighbors house was demolished...and with these new Settlers, a euphimism if there ever was one...comes another unit of the IDF to protect this new settlement, and THEY have to keep lines of communication open between themselves and the other bunch of Settlers "way over there", across the road, so another cordon gets thrown up, another "security zone" and the Palestinians have to travel four miles to that clinic across "no man's land" and ten blocks to the water spigot set up "just for them" and fifteen blocks around to the marketstalls where they used to travel a few yards...and the Settlers and their bodyguards wait, hopefully, for some other ten year old Palestinian kid to throw a rock so the Jews can all jump up and go flatten HIS house, in "somber" glee, and build yet another democratic settlement for the Jews who were abused by the European Christians.

And I, for saying this, will now be called anti-Jewish, and where before I was told..."what about Simele"...I will now hear "what about Kristalnacht and Auschwitz"...and am I "anti-Semetic" when of all dumb bastards in the world the Jews should know I CAN'T be anti-Semitic cause I AM one...but I AM pissed at any Fascist, I don't care how much of the end of his prick he wants to lop off and wear on his head.

There isn't an anti-Jewish bone in my body as there isn't an anti-American one or an anti-Assyrian one...But there is a great big bone that detests people of any stripe who think I am as stupid as they need me to be to pull off this kind of horseshit.

The idea that any country, I don't care if it's as small as a public toilet, with the total and complete backing of the United States is in ANY danger of being wiped out is so damn stupid as to be beyond belief.

The Jews, much to their discredit are being marshalled down a one way street by their own thugs, forced to march in lock step even when they don't agree because they have to be shtrong and present a United Front...like the German's had to do when the "bad" German's got a hold of the "good" ones.

The current government of Israel and America NEED everyone distracted and marching and blabbering in unison in order to get away with the biggest con and screw job in history, or one of them at least.

What we don't notice is that the FDA and several other agencies meant to protect us is being staffed by pro-industry types who now approve things like Botox, the "pretty poison" that gets rid of wrinkles, and the ability to show emotion in your face as well...but who needs emotion, who has any? The commissions and committees in charge of protecting us from the rapacious greed of these mad moneymen who have gone beyond every excess and need more and more like a mad addict gone to hell...are being gutted and our Constitutional protections discarded and the few remaining places on earth almost pristine coming closer and closer to being raped for oil...while gas rises rise "alarmingly" and Saddam, that bad boy we can't get rid of, threatens to cut off OUR oil, and we all know we want all we can get and as cheaply as possible cause that's when we know Life is "good" and not when there is charity and justice and mercy on earth...just cheap gas on demand.

It is such a hoax, of such magnitude that you have to take your hats off to the Education Conglomorate of this country which has managed to produce record numbers of dolts and dunces and narrow focused , but wrinkle free, goons and patriots from hell, than you'd have ever thought possible.

The inmates run the joint AND make up the population.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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