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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 8:29AM :

White House wants to set aside lead standards in products where children are concerned. The money people are writing policy again while the rest of you are looking under your beds for the Terrorist who replaced the Commie.

That's how these guys operate...they get you looking the other way or distract you with child pornography rulings, fear of rampant crime and whatever else their reasearch and think tanks tell them you are worried about...largely because their Corporate Media Arm TELLS you to be afraid...then they get the kind of judges and commission heads who they can count on to strike down regulations that interefere with their unbridled right to make more billions than the guy next door, and they get them to decry child pornography, crime, welfare cheats, Commie stooges, and now Terrism.

Under that guise and with Americans increasingly becomming the most frightened people on earth, they drill for oil up your arses, cut trees on your head, refuse to clean the air where YOU live cause they can go to Aspen, refuse to remove lead and other known toxins cause it interferes with business and "State's Rights"...and on and on.

It is becomming increasingly embarrassing to be the type of American Patriot these guys envision.

-- pancho
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