Open Letter to Mr. Jackie Bejan

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 10:01AM :

Dear Lincoln,

I wish none of this had happened. The same determination that drove me to complete the monuments drives me now. It could have been put to better use, perhaps...but as things stand now this will have to be my outlet.

You may find it hard to believe that I hold you in any great esteem or like you because of the things I am writing about Jackie, your wife. Someone who liked you, you would reason, would not hurt you, your wife or your children in these ways.

I believed you liked me once too...especially when you shook my hand the day of the picnic and asked how I was feeling. Yet all the things you feel I am doing to all of you, your wife did to me with absolutely no provocation on my part, with the addition that she hurt my ability to support my family and has worked since then to ruin my reputation, my Life's work, and what amounts to my business. That's something I haven't done and wouldn't do, I wouldn't go behind your back to your corporate customers and tell them lies or personal opinions or gossip and intimate information about you and your company...I would not take the bread out of your children's mouths, I would do nothing that might separate you from tham at Christmasstime and send you 2000 miles away to get them the money to eat with, let alone any presents.

I have to assume you liked me all the time your wife was doing these things, because I can't for the life of me imagine what I did to offend you before. Do you believe I swindled you on a land deal? Did I ever come to your door begging for food for my family...did Jackie ever put goceries from her own kitchen into a bag for me to take home? Are you seriously going to allow her to claim that the $6,000 was a loan and not a donation to the Hammurabi Monument? Are we going to go down that path as well...add perjury to everything else?

I don't understand how you stood by and allowed her to do those things. I know at some level you are afraid of her too. Your friends are convinced that you can assert final control over her, but we know better. She was not joking when she said she would "undress you" if she ever caught you. Your finances are far more entangled than your hearts are and any serious move on your part would lead to all sorts of real pain and fiscal complications.

I'm sure you didn't approve, but you know she can't be stopped by you. She allows you to act the part, gives in to you on certain inconsequential points...but over the things that really drive her, and you know how driven she have no control and can barely get out of her way fast enough.

So, yes I like you and respect you, but only so much as you have self respect. You knew damn well she was hurting and humiliating my family, my mother, my wife, her family, and has hurt my children tremendously. We will survive it, but it was an ugly, ugly thing to do. If you are annoyed or hurting today, it cannot come as a complete surprise, although I am sure you never imagined anyone would stand up to we can all now see how destructive, mean and vindictive she can be. May you both survive it as well as we are trying to.

Tell your children what I tell mine...this is not how Assyrians usually treat each other.

I am truly sorry, in every way.


-- pancho
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