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Posted by Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 2:36PM :

In Reply to: Re: for Turkish & Stella posted by Stella from ? ( on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 10:28AM :

here's a quote from the web:

Ancrene refers to “anchoresses” (genitive plural of “ancre”), wisse to “knowledge” (cf. Contemporary German wissen – “to know”), while riwle is the thirteenth century spelling of “rules” as the text details a general “rule” for anchoresses, or female recluses. The text, authored by a local chaplain, was originally written for three sisters, but came to serve as a general monastic order for women.

so i went to a Medieval Colloquium this past weekend w/ several friends... one of my friends (grad student at UNC Chapel Hill) gave a talk on "Medieval Sense of Individuality and the 'Ancrene Wisse'" which was quite interesting. & of course, i'm most certainly NOT a Medieval scholar, nor an ex-English major, so forgive me for a very basic, crude understanding of my friend's talk. i speaka science.

k, so here it is: how different are we now - "modern" society, i mean - from "then"?

according to the Ancrene Wisse, "that which individuates the self makes it sinful." & of course, sinful = bad in Medieval society, which used religion more blatantly to impose cultural norms. each person, as an individual, was born with different susceptibilities to the various sorts of temptations. & since that which made one less "Christ-like" is what made one unique, it was necessary to erradicate this uniqueness - the Anchoresses did this to an extreme.

now-a-days, we use media to do the same. to hell with reading a book - if you absolutely HAVE to read, read a magazine created for people with short attention spans, an eye for colorful pictures, & a 3rd grade reading vocabulary. ads make a sort connection with consumers (esp. that huge teen-age market of coolness) & entice them into following a different set of norms/trends. sure we got rid of the religious [Christian] references, but the media uses something so similar - this sort of new-agey understanding of emotion & "spirituality." hm.......

back to my test.

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