Open Letter To Rabi Yako

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 8:57AM :

The next time you want to get a message to me, do it yourself. This business of calling people in the night and behind someone's back really should stop. I've had about as much of it in my life as I can stand. For the sake of the person you called to chastise me, I didn't respond the way I felt your action deserved.

I don't know whether or not you and Jackie did anything together or not...have no proof. I only know what I hear, but then isn't that the whole point? Isn't that mostly how we brave people do battle with one another? I know what she tried to do with me...and I know what she implied about herself and another fellow...and I know what she told me about the other men who can't seem to get enough of her...and who are moved to commit indiscretions because of her spectaculars. I at first discounted the stuff because I know our people are prone to spread gossip and create it and also because it is a classic cheap shot directed at a woman especially when we want to bring her down.

It is really none of my business or anyone else's and if it is true, all I can say is that you must be one desperate fellow, lacking in taste and none too particular. It can make no difference to anything anyway since our own dear Whanging Bill managed to balance the budget and any number of bimbos on his knee at one time. Who cares in this day and age if you did or didn't.

The fact that you may not have, and yet I ran with the story anyway, is even more to the point. When did Jackie care who she hurt or slimed that all of a sudden I should be discreet? This is exactly what you guys count on, that others will be far more considerate and decent than you need to be... also that you are all Warriors for Assyria and War is Hell and all is fair in love and War so when you have to bring down a bird you use cannons and don't much care how many other people you blow apart.

Did you think you had a monopoly on sloppy shooting?

But enough about Jackie, let's talk about you and ZOWAA. I've defended you guys as best I could, and in spite of yourselves, every chance I got. I don't expect perfection from any organization, and since our people seem to only recently have learned to walk upright, I give them even more latitude. For Narsai's sake as well, not because he is a friend or tribal member, but because he has put his good name on the line to help our people...I've made a point of almost blindly defending you and your work.

I've defended ZOWAA, against my better judgement, and as you know Jackie is only a recent convert, having been suspicious and contemptuous of you and ZOWAA as well as the whole relief for Iraq and Garbia business from the beginning.

'Twas Father Benny frist caught her eye and she couldn't do enough for Georgia. It was Georgia this and Georgia that. She told me Narsai was being duped by you guys, that if I was really his friend I would caution him not to get too close to ZOWAA, that the AAS was a front for ZOWAA's political ambitions...and you know what fools we are over Politics.

Then it all changed. I'll never forget the day she gushed to me about how you had come to the States begging, well that's what it is...don't fret, I go begging all the time...our people like beggars for leaders, that way they never have to worry about being inferior...anyway she acted the part of a giddy schoolgirl onto her next crush.

I didn't realize you guys were so short of "National Advisors" and "Analysts", that you would come to California to consult with a glorified Bank teller. But hell, she DOES have money and "greatness is as greatness does"...and the need IS great. She told me you called her, said you'd heard glowing reports about her, said you just had to meat with her, had to have her immediate input on the situation here in America and worldwide, that you guys hadn't the faintest clue (and you don't) about how to make things fly in the United States and would she rescue you great big handsome fellows.

Apparently the two of you met and it was love at first sight. She fell in love with Garbia too of course, she's like that, and from that moment on it was all she could do to not send ALL of her lingerie there. I was as surprised as a man can be who had heard her slam you and Garbia for years. But then people CAN reform...look at the wonderful work Coyote is doing with street walkers.

What a minister you must be and what you must have ministered to. I'm from Iraq, it is impressive indeed...but what in God's name did you show her of it to make such a revolution in that empty head of hers?

Before we knew what happend Day Care centers were sprouting up like mushrooms... about as fast as she is aquiring condos in San Jose. Now when you come to town, you rush to get advice from her and so I said, it's your business not ours. Sorry you got pulled into this thing, but like I said, who among you cares whose wives and children you hurt in your rush to become the biggest fools this side of Creation...and our heroes and leaders at the same time? don't come crying to my friends next time...

Now, about ZOWAA and your insistance that we all have to march in lock step behind the rest of you turkeys insist we have to do behind one or the other of your dime store organizations. There's a lot of lock step marching and goose step drilling being asked of everyone these days. We are being told by our own Bush as are the Israelis by their Thug of the month, are any number of people who could live in peace if not for you guys, that we have to show solidarity, that the best way for us to achieve your dreams for you is to question nothing, check our brains in at the door and leave our balls there as well...or else Garbia, Assyria, Israel, America, Mozambique, Nazi Germany, Fasciust Spain, Pinochet and the rest of you all, might turn to dust and blow away. You are no exception, and you're in good company.

It's just that it's nonsense. Any leader who demands conformity is destroying the base of the noble sounding idea he is peddling. You guys have no real interest in us, this Heritage or our children. You are interested in you. All "current opportunities" in Iraq means is an opportuinity for one of you rise to the top of a dust heap...and at our ultimate expense.

You have shown yourselves ignorant of democratic ideals as well as how to achieve even a near appoximation of them, as well as without a clue of pluralistic government or common decency as well as the power of the Arts and public relations or guys are all like that.

You show how little you care for us over here in the Diapers and how little you understand about where we are living, other than its close proximity to several banks, by behaving in them old Turkish ways you guys grew up around. You have all been well schooled in the Jews seemed to have picked up some nasty tips from the people who abused THEM. The difference between you and your organization and any Turkish or dictatorial system is slight, a matter of window dressing that's all. There are Christian tyrants different than any other kind. It is not to be wondered at that you guys act the same way...what have you seen all your lives?

You care nothing and understand nothing about what moves the American Public Beast. You send ZOWAA representatives to conventions here who look like they only recently broke out from prison...from chain gangs no less. You put them in hotel lobbies where they glare and glower at us, scaring any civilized person away. Against my better judgement I've had a few dealings with them till I began to feel ill at the sight of them and quit. You also behaved awfully in the matter of the painting and YOUR color. Not a one of you jackasses realized what a public relations disaster that would have been had we been Human Beans. It slipped by because most refinement and subtlety slips by you guys like icebergs in the night.

You also don't know how to find your way through a paper bag.

The idea that the "battle for Garbia" will be won in Iraq is ridiculous. That's where you guys have been losing it since you first learned to be great. The battle for anything will be won in America...and not in the office of some Undersecretary of an Undersecretary of an Assistant Department Head either. You will lead your people, especially those who want nothing to do with you, straight into the jaws of a massacre. This was how we got into any number of Simele' trusting the white man. You are all dazzled that you get to fly to a conference somewhere, that a white man or America, needs to confer with you. They use you like toilet paper and you are FLATTERED!...and they'll flush you, and us, when they are done.

But you don't care. You have a hankering to play's an infection in our men's privates, and one womans publics...and you can be toyed with by those who are vastly superior in playing this game than they let you think they are. It is the easiest thing to stroke you guys, smile and fawn all over you, and get you to empty the contents of your wallets as easily as you'll dump any ideals you may think you have.

You also don't realize where any real power is in this country, a country that exists by sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors and perceptions of unreality. You think when you talk "facts" and have "proof" that God and justice is on your side and you can't help but prevail. You dumb clucks.

You were in the room in San Jose when I asked Nimrod that simple question, and you didn't, and have never, said a word about the situation. If you had an ounce of sense you'd know how important public opinion is over here, how badly we need it, how easily we could get it. You, like Nimrod and Jackie and Golani, wish to keep us tied up for your own pleasures, keep us ignorant and enthralled by what you guys "achieve".

All you are helping to do is set us up once again to become a small, expendable, part in a much larger that is not intended to do us any good at all, unless by accident, but from which you hope to extract as much benefit for yourselves as possible...if the ship must sink then at least let's go sit in First Class on the way down, now that the First Class passnegers abandoned ship on the few lifeboats reserved for the pimple on the butt, you think you ARE the butt.

Go ahead...we can't stop you. Flatter yourselves, play the game...but be careful what you try to impose on the rest of us, and be especially careful not to take yourselves seriously enough to begin deciding who stays and who goes. You and the rest of these organizations dreamed up in a kindergarten in Hell, no more represent us than Nimrod does...except in that same time honored way of making fools of us while you work at your own undoing. Nothing of significance will be acheived by any of you "political" people. You are dangerous because you believe your own bullshit, that's all.

The tin roofs, water pumps and schools you build for "us" today can all be destroyed by a sneeze from anywhere, Washington or Baghdad or London. Given the choice of bringing millions into the region and getting the public support behind it would not interest any of you because there would be no room for you then. You far prefer to get 100 bucks here and ten thousand there for the "Needy" of Assyria than to begin to act like grown ups and do what it would really take to stop making us all so needy. It is for yourselves and your own glory that you do all of this and most of us see it and understand it. Don't ever presume that what you do is so damn important that you can meddle in people's lives, ruin friendships, disrupt patron relationships over here.

Of couse our Heritage is in dire straits...of course we need to work for the security and well being of our people and promote our Heritage. You are once again kissing up to the very forces destroying our Homeland, once again giving the impression and acting the part of one who is working against the government of his own country. We have ALWAYS counted on that "someone else"...and this is what it has led to, and YOU think America or Britain will FINALLY this time give you anything!!!

Do you think all Americans like what's happening here? Would that justify us in working with another country, say Afghanistan, to improve conditions here in America? Are you people crazy or what? That's just the point.

Now Jackie has managed to sic Nimrod on Narsai, and she's called you as well. The uncovering of Jackie has only begun. I have been crude deliberately to make a point, to teach a lesson in Civics, to let us know that we live in America and there is a Constitution. I am protected by the Bill of Jackie is protected by the night. I didn't even have to be in court, didn't obey the "summons" and they threw her and her lawyer out anyway. I do openly the screwing you guys do behind our backs. No amnount of money, at least that we can come up with, is going to subvert the have to have really big bucks for that and we are nikel and dime "great".

I can do the same with you, cause your family all the grief she caused mine...all the grief you hoped to cause me as well by getting someone close to me to "talk" to me. For his sake I'll let it slide this time. Don't do it again.

The fact that you have guns over there isn't impressive over here. This is a Police State, you are a band of Boy Scouts compared to what we live among. The only choices open to you are to behave honorably from the outset. The only other recourse you have is to shoot somebody. That's about par for the systems of government you've grown up in and about as far as your understanding goes.

A truly honorable man, a wise one, a knowing one, would have asked himself how it could be that one senator fool and an over sexed kitten could conspire with a Troll to block the installation of monuments supported by our best and brightest over here, as well as the government you all fawn over. Except that you are one of them too and just as dedicated to polishing your own star as they are. Being self-serving, you naturally all see me the same way.

Go your ways. Don't do that again.

-- pancho
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