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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 9:23AM :

In Reply to: Your War appetizer posted by Turkish Delight from ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 8:22AM :

America will milk Terrorism for years, as it did Communism...will extract maximum benefits from the fear and paranoia they are selling us.

What is so odd in believing the government knew some action was imminent, even looked for?

When have they been hesitant to throw people out on the streets, to ruin families, to step over hungry and sick people...when did the plight of millions of poor and hungry and cold American children bother them,...or sending fifty five thousand to their deaths for nothing more than profits...when did they care about polluting our air and water, of poisoning our wells and earth and devastating the natural resources, chewing them and us up for profit while tossing crumbs our way? When did they show such a high regard for your lives and this land that they wouldn't dare allow an attrocity or two, even force one, to be played out against us in order to get us on their side and against our own?

We were a bit more wary this time...this time we would need some proof that we were really in danger...not just a threat from Grenada or Cuba or North they had scared us with a "missle crises" that was a joke.

An attack against a Cole attack against a church there...still not enough. Goad them and push them and punish and abuse them and arm them and train them and wait and wait until one day they strike back at us and then FINALLY unleash the meida blitz and rob us and set us up for years of paranoia and misery and call it Patriotism and Greatness.

It will soon be a crime to write what I just did, or near to it. It could get me investigated to see if I have "terrorist sympathies". All anyone will have to do is point to you in a crowd and say "suspected terrorist sympathizer", and people will clear away from you as fast as they can and sigh in relief when their beloved peace officers arrive to take you away for indeterminate questioning. Another step closer to the safety only Fascism brings.

This country is VOTING itself into a Police State. Hitler was elected...he didn't have to seize power...he was the savior of a country gripped by fear and stupidity. Only our airports from all those around the world, look like armed camps. Oh yes indeed...the land where Freedom shines from the barrel of a to make you SAFE!

The former Soviet Union stumbles towards democracy from a Dark Age we seem to be rushing into. They struggle to live with, get used to, understand Openess and plurality, while we fumble around getting used to a one party system and marching in lockstep.

This is NOT America...Ashcroft and Bush and the rest of them are NOT Americans, not in the proper sense of the word...they can certainly become the new face of America and are well on their way.

Religious Fundamentalism and "Jihad" has gripped this country as it has the Muslim and Jewish world. There is little difference between the Puritans of America and them old Testicle Prophets OR fundamental Mullahs...they ALL seek to deny woman her rights for one thing, to curtail individual freedoms, to disallow openness and questioning and seeking after truth even when the necessary doubts and chaos ensue...the midwives for all the great discoveries and freedoms we've earned. These people are trying to seize a treasury they never could have built, one they despise anyway and want to crush in order to better rule us and march to "God's Throne".

These are not religions at all, they are political parties and systems hiding behind god as any number of fucking priests have been. It is not only the priest at fault, or the Bishop that covered up for him and sent him to seek other children, it is not only the Pope that is to blame for setting the tone for "power" is the families of the children who are most to blame for believing that a God somewhere or his representatives would "take care" of them. This grand delusion that a kindly and bloody old fart somewhere you don't know, is preparing something you can't even imagine for your benefit...and therefore that all you have to do is blindly worship, deny your common sense, the disparities between what this blood sucking god says and what he expects you to do in his name...make youselves SO damn stupid that you WANT to believe that the priest is in the rectory and not your kids rectum!

People who screw, get screwed in the end.

-- pancho
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