Seige Mentality

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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 6:35PM :

The United States has been at war for fifty years, and now they are prerparing us for an even longer one...this war on terrism bullshit. In a state of seige mentality citizens are convinced to screw themselves for the national good and their own security...the rule of Law is seen as an indulgence, something we can't afford "now" and for the duration. The very essence of our form of government is education and vigilance and we're being lulled to sleep on both counts. "problem" children are increasingly being drugged as are their parents...willingly so. All "troublemakers" will be phased out or turned into paraiahs. One or two more explosions or incidents and you may be surprised to wake up one morning and find that "National Security" requires all "middle eastern Looking" people be rounded up for the duration of an endless war for security reasons. They did it to Japanese American citizens a few years you really really think it couldn't happen again. People...this time the enemy could be US!

These people have ever wanted "control". The last twenty Secretaries of Defense and War and State have all been lawyers and bankers and Corporate types. There is a tremendous amount of money being made off of us...made even simpler because we are looking the other way constantly distracted by scare stories and fears engendered in us by their Media Divisions.

We will WELCOME our corruption...because it is being repackaged as salvation.

There was absolutely no good reason to grind the Muslims into dust, they had no animus towards the West at all, even though they had good reason for it...we have pushed them and pushed them and gotten Israel to push them even more...we have denied any help that may have allowed moderate forces to thrive...we have rubbed their wounds raw to produce and manufacture this so called threat from women and children order to justify the state of seige that has allowed these Fundamentalists among us to seize power. And you all know they can only hope to keep power by scaring you all out of your wits some more.

The United States of America is being slowly transformed into a nation that breaks all international Laws and tramples common decency in the pursuit, not of a better life for YOU...but larger and larger profits for a few...and they'll cut down every tree in Bolivia, Vietnam and Oregon to do it... and kill you or anyone else if you stand in the way...they just did.

-- panch
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