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Posted by panch from adsl-64-168-27-44.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 7:29PM :

You'll notice now that the courts declared Jackie's Bottom free territory, I haven't had much to do with it. Here I sit, perfectly free to slap it, kick it, jiggle it...slap whip cream all over it...and I haven't said a word...yet.

Her bottom was never of any interest to me...that was a big part of the problem I had with her. I wanted us to see how powerful speech, free speech can be, and how it is protected. If our turkeys really wanted to get the Turks, they could write and write about it...but they don't. In fact, with an entire free press out there, we can't manage to get a single solitary story put anywhere...not ONE. We wait to...protest.

I used speech against Jackie and there is nothing she, or any Turk, can do about it. The pen is indeed much mightier than the sword, certainly more than the arse.

Every single thing Jackie and Rabi Yako and Zowaa and the rest have done, hard work though it has been, can be gone in a flash. They have built buildings, but on a foundation of sand.

The monument of Ashurbanipal will endure for as long as this nation does. Do you see any proclamations or clinics or day care centers or Social Clubs being dug from the sands? Did any of those great and grand palaces withstand? In the poem titled "Ozymandias", Shelly wonders at just that...that of all the great works of the greatest empires, all that remains is dust.

Except for ideas...except for Art, which can also be destroyed...but is usually cherished, even by a conqueror.

The cry, "The Battle for Garbia will be won in Garbia" is as totally false as anything can be...it's absurd. The battle for Israel wasn't won in Israel...there was no Israel. Israel came to life in boardrooms in the West and was established in Palestine when the forces to secure it were in place. Without that...without the conditioning of the American mind...a mind that hates Jews as much as it ever did...by years of movies and television and literature...there would have been no support for Israel among the American people, and the "Rich Jews" could have gone on buying politicians all they wanted to and not a one of those candidates would have dared show support for Israel for fear the voters would reject him outright...especially as his opponent would see which way the wind was blowing and gone to the other side to win.

We always delude ourselves, as others can trick us so easily. We flatter ourselves that because we gave $5,000 to a candidate he "listenned" to us. For $4950 less, any whore on the street will listen to you all you want.

There is nothing long range any politician can do for us either...nothing serious. We haven't the money and even if we did, he might well lose in which case we have to start all over again with another one. Jews didn't try to influence politicians first...they could see what needed changing before that...the attitude of the American people who VOTE. Then...you buy the one who will do the best for you...cause they ALL know they better do SOMETHING.

We aren't the Jews...their story isn't ours. There isn't a single blue eyed Jew who ever would have left Vienna or Berlin if he hadn't been forced to by Christian Hospitality...not a one.

We already have a presence in our homelands...as there were Jews in Palestine always. But we don't have to run from Christians...we ARE them. We don't have to sail around the world looking for a country that will take us in...we can get in easily(or could). We don't have to wonder where we'll be allowed to live, if we will be given jobs...there are no special laws applying only to us.

We can look upon the Treasury of each of the countries we live in and pay taxes into, as available to us as to any other group.

All we have to do...is act as if being Assyrian was important...as if we wanted to maintain a presence in our Homelands no matter who rules.

These democratic Clubs want to gain control of the right to represent us, and we no more give it to them than to anyone else who remains as incoherent as they all are. There is no compelling need to follow any one of them...none at all. When our people were sufffering, we came together to send some help. These clubs are soon going to have a vested interest in our people staying "in trouble", staying needy, so they can maintain themselves and vie for "power".

There are better ways....much better...but we need much better leaders and we'll only get them when we get a much better constituency. We have those "better" Assyrians...but they have been driven away, leaving the kinds that be easily impressed by used cars, bad designer clothing and oily thugs. These people are well matched...dependency and a lack of imagination or initiative on one side...and a leadership that wants easy pickings from just such a rabble.

We HAVE to do better.

note to ZOWAA and the Church: Try not to shoot the children.

-- panch
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