7th of August is Coming....again

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Posted by panch from adsl-64-168-27-44.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 7:40PM :

There is a drive to record our experiences during the war years including the histories of families who lost loved ones...who didn't? It's something we should have done long ago and well worth the effort. Another good lesson we could learn from the Jews...I know I know...they have MONEY! Sure they do...they had scholarships all through the Middle Ages, right up to the gates of old Dauchau University. With all the liabilities they suffered, the humiliation and losses, they never lost sight of the value of history, personal history, as well as their place in the total picture.

Let's see if this year Jackie will once again host a "MartyrFest". Will caviar be served this time at the brunch held between the seminar about raped girls and the one following about their decapitated brothers. That Jackie...such a flair!

I will always remember her, robe slightly toussled, the make up a little smeared...barefoot, Hot Coral, I believe...waving a tea spoon in my face as she languidly came across the kitchen floor at me saying..."You and I know this martyr business is crap...but let's USE it!" True greatness indeed. Anotherv martyr to her people.

Let's see if anyone has a word for the Assyrians murdered by the United States and the Brits, our other "friends"...over the last 13 years...or will this be another "exclusive" affair...one especially arranged by all those Assyrians who had the good sense to be killed by Muslims, and not simply be collateral damage in a Christian Jihad.

-- panch
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