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Posted by panch from adsl-64-168-27-44.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 8:12PM :

Just a reminder, saves wear and tear on the bushes, that we have a court date next week.

I don't know about you but I haven't a thing to wear. Years ago when I started at the Public Defenders in Seattle I went to GoodWilly and bought some dress shoes, a white shirt, grey slacks, blue blazer and briefcase with my one weeks check...worked part time. I thought the clothes would make me. Actually it was for an important court date now that I remember.

I guess I'll go there again. Great old timer white shirts, some of them a beautiful bone yellow etc. I have shoes this time and slacks, I think. No tie...I'm not wearing a tie for anybody.

If memory serves, Jackie will have on a power suit...Black I should think. She will have her face screwed up in that "determined" look she gets when she wants to mindfuck...lips pursed like she's afraid the truth might get out. I hope we make eye contact...I'll certainly be pleasant, why shouldn't I be? A imagine her sausage casings will be black as well...might as well dress for a funeral...what the hell.

The session isn't really a courtroom, though it is presided over by an officer of the court. They make it informal because they want to create an atmosphere in which people can work things out...agree to compromise and all of that. There isn't much room for compromise...it's "no" on the land swindle bullshit and the loan...as her lawyer already knows. All we can possibly discuss are Jackie's missing balls and why I removed them. The official will have two suggestions, either I pay her back, or give her a new one with balls. I wont do either.

Here again, on the balls, she hasn't a legal leg to stand on. It's my design...I am an artiste...not a cabinet maker. You don't tell me how to make my sculpture. Jackie said she wanted that same bull sculpture her "friend" (give her a year) was getting, the one she'd been after me for four years to make for her. That's all. She got the sculpture, the one personally customized for her, with her in mind. Jackie doesn't like balls on anyone else but her...I just made it to order. I'll tell the judge that too. It should make for an interesting hour.

I can't figure out if Lincoln is going to be there or not. This time it's my turn to ask how HE is feeling. If he doesn't come, that means Jackie can committ perjury all by herself, without his help. If he comes and they both lie and say they loaned me money then...but why say everything now?

I realize I think how she has presented this all to people, and to herself..."When I wouldn't buy that crap from him any longer...after he had used and abused me by selling me sculpture at a discount, giving me some and all of that clever crap...and after I wouldn't bring any more of my friends to him to be SOLD more sculpture...he turned on me!!!" The message of course is intended for others, for those who ever thought to have anything to do with me, or who might want to now...the message is "he will turn on YOU". And if she did ALLL she did for MEEE...and I turned on her..."imagine what he will do to you...poorer than me that you are and therefore not nearly able to buy AS MUCH from him as I was."

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...if ever a person deserved all the accumulated misery that is gonna be heaped on your head...you do. What horrifies you is that your entire value system has been blown to bits...your conviction all those years that if only you made enough money and displayed as much of it as you could...this miserable little community would worship you and nothing and no one would say "No" to you. You could BUY status and BE somebody.

You have probably never "invested" so much in a "friendship" before...and you are undoubtedly "hurt". Bullshit...I mean about the hurt part. Sure you're offended as hell...but you and I know we were never friends...that you have no friends. Remember Nora? remember all you said about her? If I want to repeat it all here what are you going to do about it....nothing, that's what.

You thought some sales made me "yours". Your kind always overinflates themselves and underestimates people. Tell all the lies you want to...let those of us believe you who feel compelled to...come outside to a courtroom where grown ups work, where people aren't impressed by that designer label hopelessly stretched out of shape across your Continental Divide of an arse and let's see how many people believe you.

Your tricks, like the posturing of all the rest of you leaders from hell, only work in here, among the barefoot, pregnant and foolish ones...the men especially who each flatter themselves that those bovine eyes of yours and that cackle of a sheep in ecstasy laugh is meant only for little old them. No wonder Ron fell for it...poor chump that he is.

I look forward to meeting your lawyer too...now THERE's a happy guy.

-- panch
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