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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, April 19, 2002 at 2:18AM :

+++Get they come again!!!


Assyrian Universal Alliance
April 8, 2002

We have a unique chance at this time for the Assyrian world community of all denominations such as Chaldean, Syriac, etc. to participate in a political representation and be strategically involved in Iraq, our ancestral homeland.

We have this great opportunity to include Assyrians in a Conference on Iraq should the sanctions be lifted or should there be a change in the Government of Iraq. We must make sure that we will have a voice in the process to protect the rights of Assyrians, the indigenous people of Iraq.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance has been asked to gather and submit names and information regarding expertise or experience by Assyrians of Iraq in both the areas of the Public and Private Sectors, Water and Sewer Systems, Transportation (all) Electrical, Medical, Housing, Energy (Oil, Power, etc.), Financial (Banking, Budgeting and Appropriations), Manufacturing, Infrastructure Development, Education, Social Services, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Environmental, etc.

++++I dumped the last paragraph, if you're a glutton for punishment go read it for yourself. This is more of the insanity we have ever committed in the past...and we will pay for it one day soon. I don't know exactly what he's getting at, and I doubt he does either. Just what are we supposed to do with Assyrian sanitary engineers and others in their related fields I can't imagine. Are we going to replace the people working in Iraq already?

You can see how this will read over we are, safe in the Diapers...helping to support the destruction of what we call our dear homeland...and at the behest of the Christian Thugs doing the destroying, we are going to prepare ourselves to put forward candidates to run the country.

Don't hold your breath...and don't be surprised if the sanitary engineer gets flushed down his own toilet.

Is anybody at home upstairs in Assyria, or are they all insane? We can't run a soccer tournament without hissy fits and we're going to run the toilets in Iraq? Do you HAVE to be a fool, moron and cretin to be an Assyrian...or just Dimrod's kind of Assyrian?

I think we have to begin writing to all of the Department Heads who encourage these idiots and let them know these people speak only for themselves...when they speak at all. Usually it's a grunt.

I say we form an anti-AUA and all the rest of them...and send well reasoned, well written letters exposing these frauds...not hard to do as their house of cards Assrin Nayshun would collapse from a mild breeze. The next time these turkeys from Turkey ask us to send anything anywhere...I'm going to send a letter of my own...I'll form a Hot shot sounding Organization of Galactic Proportions...housed in the glove compartment of my truck...and we'll have a treasurer and a secretary and a vice president over in the ash tray of ASSYRIA!

These people are children...that's not fair...they are dolts and idiots filling their spare time with being wurld leeders and all. That Atour Golani president fellow, a guy you would toss on a barby in Sydney is the silliest of the silly...issuing edicts and letters worthy a grade school honor roll student. For Nimrod there are no real words, and Carlo Ganjeh is only saved by his Ganjettes, who are at least fun to watch. How did we ever get here?

Am I crazy or are they? I can hardly tell any more.

-- panch
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