I am not "Normal".

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Posted by Turkish Delight from 64-66-217-75.stkn.bigvalley.net ( on Friday, April 19, 2002 at 3:56PM :

In Reply to: About Being "Normal". posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 12:51PM :

Who wants to be normal? I never wanted to be tamed and controlled by the SYSTEM. We need to look into the politics of "mental health" in AMERIKA which is used to put us all through the sausage machine and turn us into Coyboy's ropes for the Bushes and their cohorts..

: Look...no one in their right mind becomes an artist in our community. Not if he or she really wants to be professional. You have to make a pretty strong committment to going without much of what the rest of us expect Life to provide...and that's the way it ought to be and always has been.

: Selling ice cubes to Eskimos will get you more in returns than selling Art to Assyrians. That can change with time, and has changed somewhat in mine.

: But it still remains true that being an artist is not a normal occupation...so let's stop expecting me to behave like a surgeon with attitude, or a shop keeper with way too much attitude.

: Compare me with my peers, professionally and I'm STILL a pretty weird duck cause I don't go the "whine and cheese" circuit...I don't DO the art scene well...years ago I got into a prestigious San Francisco gallery, a place downtown by Union Square that others would have killed to get into, and a month later I showed up unannounced to take all five pieces out. Wasn't my scene at all...the shmoozing with people over a glass of Chabils talking nonsense about Aht and all of it.

: I am dedicated and committed to making Assyrian Public monuments if it kills me, and you in the process. It isn't for us we do it anyway...it's for those of our children not yet born...it's for this heritage to get it out of the hands of those who feed on it to bloat themselves up into a semblance of Human Beans.

: Get it it into your heads...this is NOT normal. And it is just the thing we need. We've been subjected to "normal". How much more do you think we can bear?

-- Turkish Delight
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