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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, April 20, 2002 at 2:12PM :

Israel's objective, as America's all along, has been to keep that area in turmoil and murder to justify certain policy objectives. The Israelis do not want peace...peace means no opportunity to grow...and they learned all about Liebensraum from the Germans...about the need for "living Room".

The best way to get that land is to force Palestinians to attack them. That's why they have the Settlements and the reason behind the moves that bring on the Intifadas, like Sharons stroll to Al Aqsa. Going into Jenin and Ramallah the way they did will ensure another generation of mad as hell Palestinians who will hopefully retaliate in years to come. This will force Israel to "defend" itself some more by pushing into yet more territories where "suspected suspects" live and kill even MORE people, leaving behind even more orphans and poverty and hatred...and expanding their borders because they will need "security zones". It isn't that the Arab world doesn't see this, it's just that they are corrupt Oligarchs desperate to retain power who cannot afford to go against the United States...or its dog of an Israel. I wonder if the Israelis have succeeded enough to haul me up on "hate" charges yet..."loving" people that they are.

The United States benefits more when Israel catches all the hell for it and maintains its facade as "honest broker"...when it is the prime mover...NOT Israel. Of course they both want what they are getting...but Uncle Sam can present himself as a "friend" to all sides...though the usual heavy handedness of the Republicans makes it harder this falwell spoke a little too soon when he said God was punishing America in 9/11. These guys WANT Armageddon!!!

The creation of desperate children and women is a very important part of American and Israeli policy...for how else would you disguise a power and land grab? The United States can once again do what it wants with anyone it designates a Terrorist...and any resistance to what America wants to steal, or enslave will be called "Terrorist" as only a few years ago any peasant trying to fight for some measure of justice could be called a Communist.

Communists and Terrorists, once identified or accused are no longer Human Beings deserving of the same treatment you and I are entitled to...especially in a state of perpetual war as they are telling us we must get used to in order to be safe.

Trouble for us dummies this time is that the supposed enemy of American freedom isn't an Asian in a rice paddy, or Latin or native in South America, or any white person here in North America who might be a communist dupe or stooge, or some Eastern European guy in a bad suit.

The new face of the threat to America is our face. WE are the Middle Easterners who will become increasingly suspected of being Terrorists if this continues much longer.

Ever wonder what alerted some Jews in Europe while others remained calm and assured about the whole thing? If you people don't stand up now and speak may find it impossible to become "white enough" later on.

-- pancho
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