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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-168-24-148.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Saturday, April 20, 2002 at 4:35PM :

Where are they? I can imagine their dismay at seeing me drag Wilfred into this. Maybe being young makes you plan for the long haul and see what kind of salvage work can be done...how much good soil we can extract from this excrement that is choking us.

I'm a bit more impatient...I've seen these people revive themselves off of our energy and carry on long after they've chased us away. That's why I want to get them out quickly and as completely as possible. They aren't here working for us at all...they are tenacious because it's all they have...it's what makes them "special" in their own eyes. I mean it's pretty appealing to be the King and Quean of Assyria at discount and on weekends and after soccer practise. We accept them because we want someone "special" too and if they'll just be a little discrete, we'll overlook any number of glaring flaws and crimes because what the hell...what else do we have?

In these monuments, and more importantly, with the kinds of Assyrians and Chaldeans and YoYos out there who wont come in otherwise...we really do have a viable, and even wonderful opportunity to do significant work...and that's when all this nastiness came about...in fear that the standards would be raised beyond an Atour Golanis little pudgy hands and kicking feetsies.

I had no business with John Nimrod...none at all, or with Homer Simpson. The people I was dealing with were working with me just fine. Nimrod, the Golanis and Jackie all intruded themselves onto me, onto these projects...all in the guise of helping and all of that. Like a dummy I believed, because I believed their estimation of themselves, in Janey's case that she sleeps with Jesus Christ every night...or the next best thing.

It was a long tough haul to get my eyes openned this far...and I paid the price for this insight. It was painful but worth it. And now, today, Wilfred joins the chorus by insisting that I must be on drugs...that I am unbalanced...why not just call be a Terrorist and be done with it? Why not turn me in as a drug dealer while they are at it? Anything and everything...except being open to the truth.

I was no troublemaker in Chicago...it was the Federation that played the part of the goons and thugs. Jackie knew damn well I was no trouble maker when she goosed the management of the Doubletree...as she knew I wasn't any physical threat to her.

The saddest thing in all of this is that I proved the claim that her club is Her Club. All the fine people and the work they have done over the years...my own uncle's involvement as well...all of it put to use to save Jackie from suffering the humiliation she well deserves for using them to commit a crime against our people, me and this Heritage.

There is a Blacklist...and I am first on it...Jackie is calling people telling them "about me", telling them I am imbalanced, that I will "turn" on them one day etc. "look at HOW MUCH I spent on him"! This will right itself eventually and all of them will leave behind the stinking legacy they are laying down right now. We will all see it one day...that sustains me because you can't keep these hidden for long.

It's just a shame is all.

-- pancho
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