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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, April 20, 2002 at 10:12PM :

..that's what I am going to become. People are slipping me all sorts of tid bits in hopes I'll write them here...

Maybe they're prompted by feelings of revenge or envy...maybe they just want to get back at someone and don't want to do it themselves. Maybe they see people are reading here and want a large audience for what might just be malicious gossipand outright lies. I don't know...what do you think Francis Sarguis Kingsley?

Turns out that used to be his last name. Apparently his mother had a bit of a shakey reputation as one who confiscates the goods of others. I know for a fact that Francis is the tightest son of a bitch with a buck the world has ever seen.

Seems his mother used to welcome recent arrivals to this country with open arms and a calculating eye. One couple spent a week under her hospitable roof only to have to relinquish their samovar before being allowed toleave "in peace". Mrs Kingsley felt she deserved it.

Do you suppose repeating these kinds of things causes Francis any grief? Who cares.

This gossip mongering we do is no big deal. Who cares that Francis can't get it up and needs to use a variety of implements...many of them that hurt. What does it matter to anything. He's a weird pecker with a weird what?

What matters is that he targets people who are doing something he can't manage...people who achieve excellence without smearing and bringing others down. He sets rumors out there calculated not just to hurt people...but to hurt us by making the few we have of Eden Naby's calibre or Narsai's, who dare to work among us, recoil and maybe leave altogether so Francis can be somebody. Nowhere else does someone have to run the gauntlet of abuse and innuendo they do if they chose to practise their professions especially for our benefit and lift our standard a little higher.

Fred Aprim thought that the mere hint of "exposure" about what I supposedly do with my children would scare me off, would get me a rolling pin upside the head...any number of women have been insulted with lies as a way to silence or get rid of them. I surprised Aprim by reminding him of that time we were caught locked in some heavy French kissing...real tongue action, in the toilet of the Greyhound Bus Station. He left for Syria the next day and never did manage to mention my children again.

Francis Sarguis made the entire football team at Turlock High School. They don't give Letter Sweaters for that kind of thing, but the team did chip in and get him the industrial size Vaseline container as a token of their appreciation.

Let us hear from you sometime Francis...if you can't write about me at Zinda magazine, you are always welcome here...come on out and play in broad daylightfor a change...stop issuing ooze on the internet in private.

Do you still wear my cousin's underwear on special occasions or did she finally get you to stop that? The first time I laid eyes on you, you skeeved me...same thing she says happened the first time she laid you...

Let's all play this game Francis, but let's do it in the open. You're going to get more of this, though you wont know when. I'll stop it after a while and leave it up to you if you want to"wonder" about any other Assyrians ever prick.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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