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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 0:56AM : this country.

Flipping through the channels on this late night, I found a beautiful Gem while wading through the shit that is always on Television... on CSPAN no less. IT was live coverage of the Rally in Washington.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims... and the non-religious... all rallying together for freedom and justice.

An orthodox Jewish group came from New York.. on Friday (they can't travel on the Sabbath - Saturday) and prepared a speech which was read that was just amazing. The Jews in their speech expressed the following: 1. That they are NOT Zionists and that Zionism is defintely NOT Judiasm... that it was completely against Judiasm

2. Their complete disagreement with the actions of the state of Israel

3. Their APPRECIATION for the Muslim countries that let Jews live among them in peace throughout the ages... and they made a plea for the Muslims to distinguish between them and Zionists... though it's understandable that they are mad at the State of Israel...

They stood up there... people from organizations all around the country and world... people from all faiths and backgrounds... all to express their disillusionment with US foreign policy. Those people are more American than any Uncle Tom Assyrian, Uncle Tom Chaldean, or White Redneck ... all of whom proudly display their American flags in a show of "patriotism"... they hardly understand.

One thing that I really liked was when the speaker kept saying "You won't see this on Fox News or MSNBC"... they are right. Right now the "big" news networks are debating something about an OJ style murder...(some famous guy killed his wife) and when they do mention this rally, they only show short exerpts taken out of context...

What a day...what a night.

-- Jeff
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