Jews and America

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 9:58AM :

Just remember...nations can be overrun from they usually fail from within as well. The Jews are a good and great are the Americans. Both nations can be overtaken by darker forces within their own psyches and their institutions can be subverted.

The United States has become the single greatest war mongering nation in history, bar none. Not only for the advanced technology it has at its disposal but for its ability to bamboozle its population through a propaganda machine every American is propagandized by it to believe is a "Free Press". If you believe that, you'll believe anything it tells you.

Let's imagine that in the nexy fifty years America succeeds in intimidating every single country on earth...that through its dogs it subdues any resistance anywhere. Imagine it can do and take and have and keep and destroy anything it wants...even more than it can now...more than any other nation ever has had the power and inclination to do...then what?

Is all of this being done to make Americans a happy people? Is it in order to ensure them the leisure time to spend with their stroll down a beach somewhere arm in arm, not a single serious care or worry in the world?

If we are already half way there, already enjoying more material wealth than anyone ever has...already consuming more of the world's resources than anyone ever has...already crawling with the people of the world we have helped disposses, whose countries have become killing fields staffed by puppets we put in place and maintain and supply...whose poor are forced to risk their lives running here to serve us and be abused by us as any slave would be...if all of this wealth and power has resulted in sublime happiness and bliss for Mr. and Mrs White America and the rest of us darkies they tolerate if we'll just bleach ourselves and our own children enough...then you might conclude that all the misery and mayhem and destruction of resources abroad and at home was well worth it.

Only you know that can't be know damn well that from this much misery and tampering with the environment and rape of people and resouces...nothing of any lasting good can come. You know it...but are so addlepated and distracted and made miserable and stressed by this "enviable lifestyle" that you can't see what History has taught a hundred times or the beat of your own hearts whispers in the night.

If this country has achieved the bliss or peace or an "enviable lifestyle", why are its people dead? Why does each generation have not the slightest idea of who they are, fluctuating between New Age and Hottentot...why are the parents, the teachers, the leaders, the religious people, the students, the children and adults and old folks...why are they all and increasingly needing to be drugged to get through the night? Why are people killing each other and their children and their parents and strangers and their animals in increasing numbers? Why are both parents scrambling to put food on the table, unable to properly have anything resembling a family life...why are the greatest wimps on earth...people who pick fights only with the weakest and most poorly supplied adversaries increasingly moved by Monster Trucks and phoney contests of strength and manliness between the biggest collection of clowns in G strings...why do we never get enough of movies that give us impossible heroes and tough guys...why do we rearrange history to make Americans seem to be at the center of everything...and why is none of it enough? Why is it not working already when we have more of anything there ever was than anyone else did or does or can hope to? And will more make us more of what we already are, or will it really lead to happiness and peace and security?

The only thing America has to measure its success by is the number of things you can buy at the mall. That and the number of baby millionaires and old fart billionaires it produces. And we all know these things don't make us happy...but we have no other concept of happiness one talks about anything else, or teaches anything else except more of the hair of the dog that is killing you already.

It isn't to make the American people happy that all of this is being it isn't for the sake of Jews that Israel is grabbing land. It is to make some few people obscenely rich...that's all.

It's our fault...its what we want also. We wink and look the other way because we are actually envious of the super rich even as we hear and learn that their lives are well oiled misery with more of the distractions we also need but can't afford as much of. We are pursuing and enthroning and elevating our own destruction...that's all.

-- pancho
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