Sarguis On His Knees

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 10:22AM :

Now I don't know how true this can't very well call an office somewhere and ask for Sarguis was "able to do".

I am told that Francis was found in the toilet at Turlock High on his hands and knees ostensibly looking for spare change. Now there's more to it than his attempts to fund his college education.

Seems there was someone else in there with him, and no spare change was found anywhere. Ordinarily it wouldn't matter to anyone how Francis earned what. I knew someone who knew him well, a sculptor by name of Bud Bottoms...I kid you not. This was the father of the Bottoms Brothers...actors some years back...Timothy and Joe and one other one, I think. Bud, the Grand Old Bottom of the clan was casting a group of Dolphins for Santa Barbara, where he and Francis live.

We discussed old Francis a few times...Bud knew about Assyrians from Francis...and I was starting Ashurbanipal we bonded a bit. He didn't have anything negative to say about Francis, at least not to me...but so what? I could certainly say he did. I mean that's the whole point isn't it?

Hasn't Francis shown the way for the rest of us by implying things and "wondering" about things...and sending e-mails to himself that just happen to wind up in the boxes of other people..."by mistake"?

A friend of mine recently received just such an e-mail. It was Francis again and the letter mentioned "that cook" who has lied about his education and Francis knows the truth...had the truth verified by the University in question...when we have documents from the University proving Francis lied...documents Wilfred wont publish...because he doesn't want to be controversial...advertisers don't like that...but Wilfred WILL reprint, and immediately too, an article about Narsai's son because we all just HAVE to know that, as we have to NOT KNOW that the guy Wilfred steps into the closet with, Francis the Blowing Mule, is his friend, at whose house he stays nights...whereas Narsai hasn't responded to Wilfred's repeated efforts to use Narsai to promote his rag of a zine.

Dr Eden Naby also comes in for some musings from Francis the Humping Mule of Assyria. He "wonders" if her advanced degrees are really what she say they are...he further "ponders" whether she has any relationship to Harvard University herself. I wonder that Francis can maintain the fiction that he's married, but so what...let's all wonder.

My friend e-mailed back to whoever sent this message and asked if it had been sent to him by mistake? That was the tip off that this "accidental" post was not going to wind up in any magazine associated with my friend, and the answer came back that, "Yes, it had gone to him by mistake".

This is Francis all the way. Let's see if he can take as good as he gives...which the defensive Guard on the Turlock High football team said he could. Tyrone Washington weighed 250 pounds and was reputed to have a dick to match. Apparently it was great sport to watch Francis take it, either way. Bets used to be made that he would cry uncle at some point...if he could just get a word past old Tyrone's dick.

I don't know...there isn't any real proof for any of this...but I take my cue from Francis...what's good for the ass will fit the hole as well. What else and who else would you like to "wonder" about Francis? I haven't even gotten to the stuff my cousin told us about you and your disgusting little secrets. Shall we?

-- pancho
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