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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 9:39AM :

In and around all the terrorist bullshit and the dire warnings from the FBI about imminant attacks, you'll see the point to all of this. The new laws and rules promoting every business interest you can think of, dismantling environmaental protections and anything else that gets in the way of business...and though they tell you its for your sake, so you'll have a job, it isn't and you know it. I know most people can't imagine themselves laying off their own friends from work in order to "downsize" and become instantly "profitable". That's because most of us don't want to make money at such a human cost.

But the CEO's of America have no problem doing that. The Pharmaceutical companies, the Defense industries all of them have no problem taking the food out of the mouths of your children for an extra million bucks. They also have no problem making Palestinians so insane with grief and sorrow that they will strike back somewhere thereby scaring you into undoing yourselves some more.

If we crushed every last Palestinian and EVERY other person who dared oppose us...then what? Wouldn't we be back to where we were a few short years ago...without a single "enemy" out there? When we puffed up a Saddam and tried to scare us with a Grenada or a Cuba or A North Korea we had to rush food to just so they'd be around to scare us some more?

Wouldn't people again be asking for that "peace dividend" know, the savings from a Defense Budget we didn't need any be spent on things like schools and hospitals and things that don't make nearly as much money as guns and bullets and drugs do? Where did that three trillion dollar surplus go to? To "defending" us from nothing less than the "danger" our leaders worked like crazy to manufacture. Didn't someone have to INVENT some more threats and enemies so we could climb right back onto that roller coaster...and isn't that what they would do again?

Isn't that just what they did?

-- pancho
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