The Armenian Jackster

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 10:50AM :

Someone reminded me that Jackie is half guess which half.

I vaguely remember things said about Assyrians and Armenians and some hostility between us as ethnic groups. I don't much credit it but then when I stop to think of the Jackster, of the contempt she really feels for us all...remember the comments she used to make about her Armenian side being the side that knows how to "lead" her Assyrian makes sense that she would use anything and everything to elevate herself...and take the Assyrians with her, if she has to, the little dears.

Jackie isn't only furious that I rejected her money and her person. She is most pissed of all because she had ambitions, had been working for years with you ungrateful wretches so she could build a little base from which to launch that royal arse of hers out among the white people...and the Armenians who would praise her for "enhancing" the image of those poor Assyrians.

She was using the Shumirum to bolster her resume where the Arts and Civic pride are know, rounding out that round arse of hers. She lugged it into Mayor Gonzalez's office...through his aides, Ash and the others, she shopped it around to Supervisors and anyone else she could corner (The Shumirum NOT her arse)...all those who have learned that Jackie "gives" to politicians as well.

The effort she was making to enhance her visibility was all shattered when I took her off the project. What was she supposed to tell everyone? I'm sure she told the mayor and the rest of them that she dropped ME...that she found out I just wanted more and more and more money...was on drugs, needed counselling, grabbed HER ass and whatever else could keep her reputation clean. Unfortunately, even if all she said about me were true, it would still show an appalling lack of judgement on her part to have been "fooled" by me for so long, to be "duped" out of cash... to have been "tricked" into "delivering" her friends over to me to be fleeced as well. Not exactly the kind of a dumb cluck most politicians want to be associated with.

Jackie's days as a potential "mover and shaker" are over. It's just beginning to dawn on her and that's what makes her so irrational and wasteful of what she cherishes more than her honor...her cash...the thing she believes BUYS her honor and status.

As people must wonder why I go after her to this extent...they are also going to wonder why she goes after me in such a determined manner. What is the truth? In politics they wont care what the truth is. Jackie will bring too much baggage with her when she "arrives".

I've made Jackie into "baggage" herself.

She made me do it. I just wanted to install the Shumirum, show people some sculpture at the convention and go to Mexico to make more sculpture. Come to think of it...I will do all of that in one way or another and have already found new friends and re-connected with old aquaintences in San Jose...right under the nose of the Jackster.

Never EVER mess with an artist...not a real one.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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