Meet your leadership heroine: Gabriel Younan

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Posted by A Non-Assyrian Friend from ? ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 2:27PM :

Meet the real heroine of Jacki Bejan, John Nimrod and Atour Golani. Ms. Younan is a known Jewish operator and an imposter who claims to be a professor from Berlin Free University. Do not believe that Bullshit (another Sargon Dadisho) she never went to Berlin university as she claims or to an Israeli university, which she sometimes claims when she is around non-Assyrian audience. Her son is also a total rip off who sells himself as a Jew around his Jewish business associates. Despite all the good things you have done for him he has done nothing for the Assyrians, except his denying of being half Assyrian and showing deep contempt for his father's Assyrian heritage. Shame on you all stupid Assyrians for allowing this foreign intruder to fuck you people for so long. The Kurds in Germany told her fuck off long time ago.
Someone said you couldn't cheat all the people all the time. Now finally the truth comes out for everyone to see on this benign looking "famous German Professor"
May history have shame on you, stupid Assyrian sheep!
I am angry because I have deep sympathy for you guys. Salam!

Dicovering the real Ms. Yonan on the Internet(MSNsearch):

Mrs. Yonan, who was presented as a prominent scholar is anything but. Quite certainly she is not a professor at the Berlin University. Nor could any other teaching assignment for her be found, much less a proper position as a professor. Not even her doctorate title was verifiable.
Naturally this was not the first mention of this sort. According to "Freiheit" Scientology magazine (C=97, title: "Time to decide", p. 9) she had taken part in an earlier Scientology demonstration in Frankfurt and was presented as a "renowned religious scholar of Berlin Free University": "she was at the head of the marchers ..." ... "While she presented a legislative proposal for religious rights ..." ...
In response to an application made by the Berlin Free University [the "applying party"], the Berlin State Court made a decision 16 0 801/98 on 23 December 1998 to have a temporary restraining order made out against Mrs. Yonan:
"... will be ordered in the course of the temporary order, and, because of the urgency, without verbal communication, in accordance with PP. 935 if., 91 ZPO.
1. The opposing party will avoid the conduct determined by the court or be subject to a fine of 500,000.00 DM or its legal equivalent, or confinement of up to six months.
denied; passing herself off as a member of the applying party, to let herself be described as such in public, or to give the impression in any other way that she is a member of the applying party. In particular she must avoid passing herself off as a professor and/or religious scholar of the applying party, to let herself be called so in public, or to give the impression in any other way that she holds such a position.
2. The costs of the proceedings are born by the opposing party.
3. The worth of the disputed amount is determined to be 50,000.00 DM."
What did Mrs. Yonan to in response? Nothing.
From a Berlin Free University letter of 12 April 1999:
"... we are letting you know that no legal appeal was lodged."
Who is Mrs. Yonan?
On her web page
the index page read (as of 10 May 1999):
This server is meant to acquaint you with much interesting information about religion. The religions are presented from their viewpoint, completely without any schoolmaster-like evaluation. In this way the right to free practice of belief is taken into account.
Nowhere can it be found how disposing of evaluation is supposed to take the right to free practice of belief into account.
This is understandable in any case if evaluation is equated to criticism and if it is presumed the criticism is not desired.
However, doing away with evaluation does mean doing away with scientific work.
That, of course, is completely acceptable on a web site.
What is hard to understand is that evaluation is rated as "schoolmaster-like" by the alleged scholar.
According to the measures cited above by Prof. Dr. Michaelis, Gabrielle Yonan can hardly be viewed as a scholar, because the "establishment of results by scientific procedure" also includes evaluation.
Who is Mrs. Yonan?
There is more about this in the Berliner Morgenpost article "The Unabomber's Penpal" of January 21, 1998
YOUNAN, Penpal of the Unabomber
Berlin, Germany
January 21, 1998
Berliner MorgenPost
Why a specialist in Asian Studies from Berlin writes the most-wanted man in the USA
by Peter Schubert
On the floor of her workroom, Dr. Gabriele Yonan has spread out eight thick files. Out of the second binder the 53 year old oriental and religious specialist quite delicately handles a document protector, almost as if she were dealing with explosives.
Inside is a pencil written letter from Main County Jail in Sacramento. According to the US postmark, the letter was mailed to Dr. Yonan on August 6, 1996. The sender is inmate X-REF 3 165 854 - Theodore John Kaczynski, America's alleged Unabomber.
Not an inconsiderable document; Kaczynski is alleged to have terrorized the USA with letter bombs. Addressees of his deadly mail were mostly universities and airlines, on whose account the FBI had given Kaczynski the nickname "Unabomber." Three people were killed with his 16 attacks; 23 seriously wounded.
Now the "trial of the century" will be held for the "most wanted man in the USA" in California. He faces the death penalty.
It is incomprehensible that the "mad professor", who lived for years as a hermit in a wooden shack in the mountains of Montana, now wishes to confide in, of all people, a specialist from Berlin. Dr. Yonan, the Unabomber's only penpal in the world?
"In order to make one thing perfectly clear," insists the resident of Wilmersdorf, "in no respect am I to be considered a lonely-heart female who writes letters to death row inmates."
It was the report of the spectacular arrest of Kaczynski on April 3, 1996 which led this member of the "Society for Endangered People" to take notice.
"In 1919 my father also lived in Montana, before his decision to return to Germany," explained Dr. Yonan. "I was immediately motivated, and began to study all reports about the Unabomber over the Internet." During this time she was disturbed that "only the criminal case" was brought forward. Kaczynski gave up public life at the end of the 60's in Berkeley, California, after having lectured on "functions of limits and space", and having already been regarded by his colleagues as a candidate for a Nobel prize in Mathematics, was prematurely "labelled as schizophrenic and crazy", and consciously shut out his "technologically- hostile motivations and social criticism." By 1971 the asocial scientist decided to escape and went off to be a woodsman pioneer.
"Kaczynski's story reminds me of Dostojevski's character Raskolniov, who first wrote and published his essay, 'On Crime" and then turned his theory into actual practice," she said. Be that as it may, in June of 1996, one day after Kaczynski was transferred from Montana to a high security cell in a Sacramento prison, Dr. Yonan wrote an Essay with the title "The Unabomber or America's Justice" and sent him the German manuscript for perusal. The Unabomber understands German.
Kaczynski, who has not released a single public written statement since his arrest, answered Mrs. Yonan on July 30, 1996. The short letter included: "I am thankful for your letter -- please write again. For the time being I will say nothing more than this, since my attorney insists that I limit my communication with the outside to a minimum. I am sure they would not like it if I were to receive a visit from you. Thanks for your support. Ted Kaczynski."
As superficial as the letter is, Dr. Yonan became articulate after a Quin Denvir, one of the two public defenders contacted her. Denvir asked that she publish "nothing more about Theodore Kaczynski's case", because that "would only make matters worse."
Apparently, Gabriele Yonan presumes, the attorneys' attempt to fully shield Kaczynsi from the outside has not been of avail. Since there is little doubt as to whether Kaczynsi really is the Unabomber, the strategy of the defenders can only consist of pleading diminished responsibility and mental incompetence. Any written evidence to the contrary could only serve the public prosecutor as countering evidence. Kaczynski has steadfastly refused examination by a psychiatrist.
In order not to hinder the defense strategy, Dr. Yonan remained silent about receiving the one and only letter from Kaczynski, but she still wrote him.
However, she believes she is able to talk now, because Kaczynski, according to the American press, unexpectedly started off his trial by "dropping a new bomb." The gifted mathematician (who has an IQ of 170), explained to the puzzled judge that he had "no confidence in his attorneys", and that he was "anything but insane." Kaczynski demanded that Tony Serra, famous public defender from San Francisco, defend him. Kaczynski had brought to Dr. Yonan's attention that Judge Garland Burrel had denied this motion on account of untimeliness, but would decide at his next hearing on January 22, whether he was competent enough to represent himself.
Dr. Yonan, who is more familiar with the Unabomber trial than anyone else in Germany, does "not doubt for a minute that Kaczynski will make a judicial spectacle of himself. He would rather provoke another than remain alive", she believes, "he will deny nothing, instead he wants to read from his Manifest of 1995 to make the public aware that industrial society is a threat to humankind."
The New York Times was forced to publish this manifesto "Industrial Society and its Future" at the Kaczynski's demand on September 19, 1995 to prevent further bombings. One of the many millions of readers was David Kaczynski, the brother of the alleged Unabomber. He gave the authorities the deciding tip which finally led to the arrest of the Unabomber after weeks of observation.
Gabriele Yonan translated the manifesto in 1997 and published it for the first time in German on the internet. "In his writings Kaczynski expresses nothing which has not already been expressed before him by Joseph Weizenbau, Stanislaw Lem Rudolf Bahro or even the Club of Rome", pronounces Dr. Yonan, "they also warned of the dangers of high technology and unlimited growth, but unlike Kaczynski they never used explosives."

-- A Non-Assyrian Friend
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