Martyring the Truth

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 6:56PM :

At bethsuryoyo they've dragged their dead out once more. They're getting ahead of themselves...probably eager to make a showing since Palestinians are being talked about and we don't like to remain behind. As the Jews remind us all of their dead and crucified and the bodies of children are pulled from the rubble in Jenin, George and the ghouls at bethsuryoy figured they shouldn't be left, ahead of scedule, they decided to drag our own dead out into the limelight, as if to say "US TOO"!!!....UP ASSYRIA!

I think this sort of thing is sick and despicable. It goes to the heart of what is wrong with those of us who traffic in these sorts of things. While Palestinians are putting their lives on the line and the Jews are raking in your own tax dollars...two billion a year just for defense...and we send $3.89 to "Ninevah OY Nineveh"....we look to take advantage of a "dead people gap"...rushing out with these greusome images as a way to join a "Club".

We fit the last definition of the word "martyr" perfectly...people who seek pity. We don't fight, except each other...we don't get serious money out of anyone to help our cause, we hold cake sales and raffles while others carry off shiploads full of cash, including our secure Jerusalem while Ashur starves.

The only thing we "have" that sort of makes us dead children from 70 years ago...we wont even admit to or acknowledge the ones killed in the last 13 years by Christians...not Turks or Muslims or Arabs, but Christians, our neighbors, and with our financial help.

It's enough to make you sick.

-- pancho
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