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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 10:29AM :

Raman never posted anything about my family members, it was only Parhad.

+++That's Jizboohoobet replying about Raman being innocent of something or other.

+++I posted about Peter being a sleazeball, not about his sister. As far as I was concerned she hadn't done anything but marry for love and it went south...happens all the time, hardly an earth shattering revealtion.

What was significant about it was Peter's reaction, which I erroneously at the time thought was the reason for his name change. My mistake, and I apologized for it.

I don't apologize at all for bringing up his name change light of his anti-Muslim rantings. Our people are caught in a sea of Muslims...and while we don't have to love them all...we should refrain from antagonizing them unnecessarily...just seems to make sense.

Peter changed his name because Jassim sounded "too Muslim". Well, someone in his family hadn't minded what a Muslim sounded, or felt like. Either that or Jassim is a perfectly fine name for Christians. Whatever the reason, his attempt to legitimize or avoid something about his nature in such a superficial way as to change a name...speaks to his "insights"...the execrable poetry he literally can't give away, and especially explains his unfounded and knee jerk fulminations against anything Muslim...accusing them all of the kinds of things he also excuses all Christians for.

His kind of nut case exists on all sides of an issue...there are Muslims Peters just as whacky and hate mongering as we have in this pimply faced "intellectual".

Since then he's made a crusade out of denouncing me for mentioning his sister...with the usual result that he brings her up more than I ever did..."just to prove how awful it was to mention her". He needed his excuse, as Nanny Hajjar, the Old Maid of Assyria, needs his to cut off debate they otherwise can't handle or answer...without behaving like the turkeys from Turkey they are.

They say shit rises to its level...the two of them are about where they belong...thank GOD they don't go out of their respective Asylums and do any real damage.

Peter...change you name to Smith and be done with it.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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