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Posted by EYYA from ANT003.LTU.EDU ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 1:44PM :

In Reply to: Re: A Passle of Priests posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 12:03PM :

the ancient assyrians jeff. bilieved in
EL the GOD the one
and EL is basickly the name for 3 diaties
in one and it means (FATHER OF MAN)THEY they called him the creator of things created.
the sumarians bilieved tha
an was the father of the heavens and key was
mother earth. and in combining the two
the son anlil (god of water and air) was
so we have in sumer
ano anlil and ki = el
in assyrian same just different name
ano anlil eyya = ashourel
sometimes they called anlil ashour
and baal is also another name for anlil
anlil was the son born of the virgion ki
which in this case is mother earth.
he was the lord of the waters . and he was called litteraly ( the word of GOD )
just like in the bible about christ.
anlil was represented bye a dove bird on his shoulder (the bird was called eyya ) which
is God deiety. but the christian
religion converted it into another name called the (holy spearit ). if you notise the the comparasen between anlil of sumer and assyria and jesus you will see
that the assyrians and babylonians and sumarians where the first to understand
the triangel of God. father son holy spearit=
one god and ano anlil eyya = el
an anlil ki = ashour
and so on
if u knowtise the flag the assyrian flag you can track it back to the sumarians. the sun
image in the center star/son is a representation of the great god el
they literaly state that anlil decended from
the heavens (anlil anos son comes down to
earth from the heavens. anyways this is ganna be too long if i get in detail.
but i just want to say.
that the assyrians/sumerians/babylonians
are the first people to know god and they
where the chosen ones not the jews. they
knew about the son. they called him anlil an
they built temples for him. and to them
every process of creation was holy and sacret. unlike the tawrah where the consider a sin and disgrase when a women is having a child.
and christ when he came he came in the same image of anlil.. but remember what he said
he said to the jews ( the sons of nineveh
will condemn u ) and that know makes so much sense. because the sons of nineveh where the
ones that predected about him,. they where
the once that know him. and even if u track the list of the family of david in which some consider it the origin of christ. if you look up the 42 names you will see
so many names that end and begin with babil
even the word yahwa which is eyaho originaly
taken from eyya.. but when the jews took our
culture and knowledge about the god they cursed us and left the country to go to jeurislem. to hide under there blankets of liies. this is who we are we where never pagens. we bilieved somewhat in what christanity is know accept. our ancient fathers didnt corrupt the techings like
things are with christianity. it makes me sad
that christianty is attached to tawrah
so much that even the words and teachingd of christ are not even taken into consideration. just a buncj of laws that tie u up in fear.
you knwo jeff.
the story of the flood
the song of songs
the song of ileya, jobe you name it
are all writen in somarian tablets
and abraham took them and twisted them alittle. look the names in the old testimant
nitise el and eyya
notise the origin and
how things where stolen from us
and taken and twisted. but the truth is
coming out know
that the tablets are out. and people
are starting to know more about sumer
and babel and ashour.

sorry this was long .. lool and also sorry about my spelling

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