gilgamesh and innana adam and eve

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Posted by EYYA from ANT003.LTU.EDU ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 2:31PM :

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you know
there is a story
about innana wich is ishtar
in babel
innana plants a tree in her sakret garden
and then after it grows innana is happy
to see it grown . she looks and she
sees a bird nest but under it
is a snake ( and the snake represents
lilith the godess of the underworld)
she is the godded of evil.
iinana calls on gilgamesh
to see the tree and he kills the snake
and bird flies and innana has her tree agaon. he cuts the tree down and he
makes it into a bed for inana and him
know look at the similarity
sumerians / gilgamish kills the snake
jews / adam does what the snake says
sumarians/ gilgamish makes his love for inana sakret. he kils evil and makes a bed for her
jews/ adam and eve are punished
sumarians / good is strong and evil is distroyed and man and women are sacret
because they have the power to distroy evil
jews/ man and women are sinfull and are punished...
know tell me that is not corruption
they stole and they twisted

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