Court is Over...Let The Games Begin.

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 3:34PM :

Well we had the hearing. Seems I lost already cause I wasn't here now I can file a this or do a that and come back for the next round. Thanks but no thanks.

I prepared for court this morning. Stopped at a Walgreens and bought two of those wooden paddles with the soft pink rubber balls attached by an elastic band. Took the balls off, tied the ends of the elastic together and hung the contraption round my'd a had to been there. Got great looks from the lawyer types and the guards down there. had to check my camera at the door but they let me keep my balls around my neck. It's great for clearing out an elevator and making sure you have room to spread.

Jackie didn't show up...didn't need to really. The judge was sweet about it...said I should talk to Jackie's lawyer afterward to see if we could settle this...told me what forms to file if I wanted to contest it etc. So we met outside the courtroom, he and I.

Nice guy, bright, sharp, has a sense of humor cause he barely managed to suppress a smile. He addmitted the land swindle and the loan and balls on the bull weren't the point. Said the hearing last week was really about getting an immediate restraining order but had been denied cause that court scene was more for Stalkers and assassins and things like that, and I didn't qualify. Apparently the whole point is Jackie's cunt and whether or not I can chat about it, take the liberties with it I do on the internet I wouldn't in Detroit or wherever else she had in mind.

He said she would drop all the other nonsense if I would promise to be good...I never talked like this till Jackie came along to hint at such things...said I had to remove the archives cause right now anyone putting Jackie's name into a search engine is liable to find himself staring at her arse end first.

He said if I persisted, even shifting to another country they could get me thrown in jail...lawyers talk like happened to some guy in Washington State. I'm sure there are significant differences between whatever he did and what I am doing. But anyway, he is paid to defend her cunt and I have a mandate to expose her for the Cunt of Assyria she is. We serve different masters, so to speak. He admitted that he could go on getting rich...he paraphrased a comment I made...I don't want the Jackster turning on him...I like the guy. I suggested he name his next yacht after me...or we could settle right now.

I told him I'd already given Jackie my terms...he said she doesn't read our site...yeah RIGHT...she'sbeen telling everyone that same bullshit fora year and yet we know damn well she sits glued to this place...he said that friends of hers "sometimes" send her choice pieces...first of all she HAS no friends, and second she does indeed read fascinated by her own dirt as she is in getting all she can about the rest of us.

The guy is good...when this is all over we could be pals. Apparently he reads here as well...his job requires it...said I was a "great artist", and should put my time to better use. Really? Like maybe work years to make a monument to have a Nimrod or The Cunt of Assyria step in and ruin that what I should do? I think not. I think I better make it so painful for these people that they'll never again think of doing these kinds of truly uncivilized ruining a project cause I wont lay the woman or have the audacity to ask why her brother should sing at an unveiling when we have Ashur Bet Sarguis...or me even...I can warble a tune too.

I told him she had to cut a check for $5.99 to Coyote...and I would remove the archives but would not promise to never write about her there was no way to know that she wouldn't write behind my she did...and as I only barely found about, and don't know what else she sent to where. I told him the only promise any of us had was to behave in an honroable fashion from the outset...that if Jackie was anything BUT the Cunt of Assyria she would not have used a personal issue between her and her cheeks to ruin my career, disrupt my family, hurt my ability to care for my children and just incidentally cause us all to lose the Shumirum for San Jose.

Once that wall is breeched, that step taken...she can't very well come crying about sleepless nights and what this is doing to HER, her cars, and her that order. You'd think she was the United States, believing an affront only counts anywhere if directed at THEM!

Besides, I really do believe there are serious First Amendement issues here. Jackie is not a private citizen...she seeks publicity with which to tell us all how much she does for us little dears...then she wants me silenced when I tell that she does things TO us as well? I don't think so.

Besides, why is it slander to discuss her cunt? She has's hardly a secret revelation? If I dream about it, or throw up at the thought of it...where's the "protection" she is entitled to?

The cartoons will come next and the doll too. Let's go all the way. there are people fighting and dying in defense of their families and their Heritage or countries. Does she think I am joking...does she think this is an exercise in willfulness? Let her guess again. When you ride the tiger you had best be careful how you try to get off...and she picked the wrong man to get off on...if you follow my drift.

So...sue away baby...get your injunctions and defaults and warrants. If I have to stay in Mexico or move elsewhere to expose you for what you are.for what you represent, for the fact that you are using us to feather your own nest and have fooled enough of us into thinking you "serve" us because we can ride in your Benz...go ahead, it wont be the first time an Armenian thought to have their way with us dumb Assyrians.

But...lady, I know what I know...I would never in a million years have embarked on this stupid and disgusting road if you didn't deserve it and roundly too...not because you said nasties about me...I am in the public eye too and people are welcome to say whatever they want to about me...but because in your mad rush to fool and impress and lie to us thought it was no big deal to ruin me, and it really wasn't. BUT... and this is what you are going to pay and pay for...because you attacked all of us, attacked our Heritage.

Just why DON'T you go work with the Armenians? Is it because it's easier with us? Are we easier to wrap around your pudgy fingers? Would they even give you the time of day? I resent like hell your deciding that we are the place where you will make a "name" for yourself...and we will always remain"pwecious" or loyal to you.

I'm happy for least his financial future is you wont suffer any financial loss because I would never do such a thing to you or anyone...for my own sake, because Assyrians aren't quite like that...not unless they are part Armenian and the worst part too. I can't figure out if it's an Armenian mind ruling an Assyrian cunt, or the other way around. In any case...your money will not protect you this time.

Spew paperwork out your arse as much as you can afford. We have no external enemies, none. No one stood in the way of these monument projects, or the collection being sent to Northwestern University,or allowing me to get funding for the Hammurabi except a handful of Assyrians and one half Assyrian bitch goddess. No Muslims, no Turks...none of the usual culprits...and that is what I am aiming at...that is really the point here. Jackie will not think twice about sacrificing our good to her own need to dominate...and she, and the rest of them will get away with it, if at all, at a heavy personal cost. Because their tricks and minpulations and ego surges are causing us REAL HARM!

I pity Shawn having to discuss things like.."Well Ms. Bejan, his reference to your cunt last Tuesday was follwed by a references to your asshole and I think we can get him there".

My family was embarrassed, and all because I wouldn't fuck the dumb broad...leeder as she styles herself. Let the next injustice be hers.

-- pancho
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