Arts Committe Meeting in San Jose

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 9:21PM :

Just came back from a meeting with the Arts Cmmittee at which the Shumirum was discussed. What a difference a month makes...and what a destructive power Jackie and Nimrod have.

I took along the huge photo of the plaster close-up of Shumirum's face as well as a large photo of Ashurbanipal and they had other pictures of the monument as well. They weren't even interested in the "quality" of the work.

One white guy simply said that considering the tensions in that region it might not be appropriate to put this monument up...and he wondered what the people on the "other side" of all those wars back 3000 years ago would think if we honored this woman.

That was a new one. I said lots of things happened back then, not just warfare...said everyone fought then, and built magnificently too...said Europe had been in constant warfare for 400 years yet there were statues of Europeans all over America...he said, "yes but how long ago were they put there"?...They have one Asian fellow, the one who'd said the lioness wasn't Assyrian once back when Jackie was running the show...I said the Japanese had recently atacked the United States at Pearl Harbor yet there was a statue of a Japanese man at the same location where our statue would go...he shot back that I had made a "low blow"...that my comment was "uncalled for"..that the monument of the Jap was a gift through a sister city program...I replied that the Shumirum was a gift from Assyrian Americans right there in San Jose. It was obvious things had been said before I got there.

Did Jackie get Nimrod to send something? Did she have a "casual" conversation about how she would "hate" to stir up "controversy" at this "delicate time" by placing a monument of such a warlike people as represent by her OTHER half?

I even mentioned to the white guy that we had been Christians for 2000 years...didn't that make us okay? he gave the perfect Ross answer...the one most of you harbor in your hearts.."ah yes, but this queen is from before that time". In other words as crawling, knee bending, arse kissing "meek" people we're okay...just leave those nasty ancestors at the door. Before I left I said something had changed since the last time I had been there...and something had. You will never convince me that Jackie didn't get to them...NEVER. I told them I wanted their reaction in writing and left.

What should I do...get Peter to issue a "protest"...he wont do it because I mentioned his sister...will George put up something at bethsuryoyo...he can't because I "attack" people...Jackie sure as hell wont help because I refused to fuck her...and the Assyrians of San Jose...the ones who thought they were more advanced than Chicago or Detroit or Turlock..."younger"...more professional and "hip" than those other old fools...well they have gone and elected an Armenian woman as their president, a woman who wanted sex from an Assyrian man and when she couldn't get it, called the police on his mother and got HER CLUB to back her up by lying to them that she had gotten a restraining order to convince them to keep me out of their club. Who am I going to ask for help...not them...not the Assyrians of San Jose who are second class citizens as far as the city of San Jose is America... while the Jews cart off our and everybody elses money to defend Israel...the home of YOUR Lord, while they kill ours off and now tell us we can't put this beautiful monument of OUR queen up in the city because we fought with "some people" 3000 years ago who might not "like" to be reminded of it.

You gotta hand it to them...they know how to kick does Jackie when she can't get dick...and we seem to only be able to get our asses kicked.

How did we ever get this low.

-- pancho
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