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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 10:01AM :

For the sake of the very kind and decent Assyrians in San Jose that I have met "safe" houses and bunkers around the city...I'd like to announce a change around here that should come as a relief. As soon as we can, our gnomes will remove all the Jackster Genitalia posts and put them at the site reserved for "disgusting" but true things.

I'll still write, but we'll put them at the other link, behind the Green the rest of us will be spared the sight of her spread all over the place. They'll still accessible to those of you curious to know yet another they will be available to scholars and pedophiles and horny bastards all over the world. I think it is indeed newsworthy that an Armenian woman would worm her way into a leadership role in our community...try to screw an Assyrian sculptor, then turn on him, wreck his family, wreck his career and wreck his chances for installing a monument NOT honoring her or the Armenians. In the legend Shumirum defeated the Armenians and was smitten by their handsome king.

In all modesty I can't claim to being very handsome, though "cute" I definitely am. The story seems to have been reversed in every particular...I wasn't smitten by anything.

Anyway, as odd and unbelieveable as it may strike you is true in every particular...why else would she be fighting it tooth and nail? And you all really think I have nothing better to do but to have made all of this up and ruined myself all by myself? Come on. She's after me because I dared go public with the truth about her...nothing more, nothing less. Let the next man among you she "lavishes" $70,000 on tell me differently.

But let's get this Armenian slut onto her own site and way from general view.

note to Jackie and Shawn: If you really want to end this...send a check for $5.99 made out to "Coyote". It's a good cause, much better than wasting thousands with this nonsense. I'll remove the archives...though I will not promise to never write about her again...though I will promise not to mention her "ass"..."cunt"..."prick".."balls"..."tits"...or "mouth", in many ways the most foul thing on her...the others are all natural and beautiful and aren't attached as closely to her guttersnipe of a mind.

I will not agree to never write about her...this is America, not Turkey...not yet anyway. But I wont mention her privates, the fact that she tried to shag me...the fact that she talked about all the other people who tried to shag her. I'll stick to the point, the real point...that she is another lying, self-serving bitch AND bastard, who uses us for her own gain...who blocked the monument from coming to San Jose as Nimrod blocked it from Chicago...and all because these things, and we, have to serve the ambitions of these tin horn, two bit, leaders who would cut a sorry figure anywhere else but here among us, and then ONLY if they lead us around in circles, exhasuting us and boring us and disenchanting us and keeping us so bedraggled and such a confused and frustrated bunch that they can get away with it as long as it suits them...because we can't get away from them enough to see clearly what they are all about. I wont ever promise not to talk about these things and you know damn well you can't stop that kind of speech.

But she can have her anatomy back...I think we are all sick and tired of it...from Maine to Tokyo to Russia to Sydney to London...we have been treated to her for free long enough. The other stuff will stay up in the special archives for as long as it takes.

I make this offer for the sake of the good people of San Jose who don't deserve to witness this undressing in public of their most shameful Armenian Quean.

Our balls are in her court.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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