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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 10:13AM :

That's exactly what this is all about...and we're finding them too. I am constantly meeting people who say while they don't agree with everything I say or do (who in his right mind would expect that?) they agree with the general drift...that we have to rise up and seize our destiny.

Our history as a People is not over, not at all. This is a phase of it, that's all. In the past our empire was attacked and its boundaries decreased...other people ruled over us at times until we surged back. This is only a transformation of the Assyrian people into wanderers of the world...where we once ruled the known world, we are know becoming established in that world. What opportunities does that open up? How does that allow us to revive our Heritage?

These are exciting times...good times to look forward into the future, not back to addmitedly horrendous episodes in our long, long, march through history. And nothing...not a thing can stop us, except the fear and pettines of our own people, especially those used to "leading" us nowhere but to worship at their own personal shrines.

No one trying to do what I am is going to be liked or popular. All movements begin with a handful, never the majority...and we have some great people who will begin to make themselves known and they will inspire others and so on. Many of our own people don't want to believe this because any positive growth will place them in sharp contrast...their negativity, fears and just plain indolence, will be clearly seen, and they'd rather not.

I don't plan on dying out "politely".

-- pancho
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