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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 7:30PM :

In Reply to: Re: yup. posted by Julia from cuapr71.ipr.northwestern.edu ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 5:43PM :

: 1) What is fred's ultimate goal?

+++To take you and Alli and Fred Aprim to bed.

: -To promote the state of Assyria and the identity of Assyria for assyrians and the rest of society

+++++I like to watch Assyrias moving.

: 2)How does fred pursue this goal?
: -By making artworks that are abstractions of the assyrian identity and culture

+++I KNEW I was up to something....whatca up to?

: - By "fighting" the people who also assume some kind of role as promoters of Assyria, who distort the interests of other Assyrians or don't include the interest of other Assyrians at all

+++Wish I could have said that.

: -By "fighting" the people who are not Assyrian and who are working to spread false information about the assyrian culture and identity

++++Has any Assyrian had SUCH a fan club? If you guys could move your hips you'd be groupies.

: 3) wHat is fred not out to do?

++++Fred is not out to make friends or win a popularity contest.

: -Fred's not out to make friends or win a popularity contest

++++What did I say?

: 4) What is the implication of number 3?

+++You have to pee and take a shit at the same time?

: - In not wanting to make friends or become popular, fred doesn't care about what other people think about him

++++Look, I appreciate all the interest but can you sum it up already?

: - What stems from that is that he doesn't care how his words come across for other people

++++Do you fuck in circles too?

: 5) How do we see number 4?

++++Is that the Royal "we", or is just plain old you ad nauseum?

: - His rants on Jackie
: -His rants on Nimrod
: - His rants on (_rants)

++++It's a good thing I'm the only want ranting around here. Who wears the rants in your family?

: 6) What is the relationship between Fred's rants and the fight to promote the assyrian identity/heritage?

++++My GOD...is this volume one?

: - Rants are "dual use"

++++Those aren't allowed in Iraq...only here where I can shove them up either end of you all.

: a) They can and do highlight the injustices of what a group of people in power can do against a man who is working to promote assyrian identity/heritage

+++They do?

: b) They can also be of little value to people who do not want to read about genitalia, sex, balls, those who want to have sex with fred, those who were denied, etc

++++Methinks the two of you, with three heads and your numbers one and two backing up into a perfcet three read here often enough...if nothing else but to rant about rants....you like the juicy parts come on now admit it...are you Republican?

: 7) Of a and b in part 6, what seems most important to the cause? (subjective answer, as are all of these 'points')
: - Extract the essence of the cause, extract the issues from the rants

++++Do you also fuck by number? You lost me...are we supposed to actually go back and find your parts a and b and cross reference with sub paragraph 6?

: 8) How can we do this?
: - Use more hardcopy evidence

++++Nasty thing.

: - Email correspondence

+++No thank you...I spoke to you once...it was enough.

: - use website to disseminate information on the cause and not qualities about the person or their genitalia

++++What kind and how many do you have?

: Naturally, this is my piddly little subjective view on my dear friend fred. Fred is not some neutral person in our lives fighting for a disembodied cause: the cause for the promotion of an identity or heritage is embodied in statue and in our flesh and in our heart. we are inextricable from the cause.

++++You are a hot bunny underneath all that prim prattle. Ahh to be younger and a million miles away from you...or dead.

: Bottom line:

+++I KNEW you couldn't hold out much longer!

if you love the cause so much, you CANT be neutral to the people who make up the cause. You gotta respect both the cause and the people who make up the cause, who live the cause; without people like Jackie, Gandhi, whomever, there is no cause. What's fred's statue without Jackie's parties to congregate around them?

+++No, no...she WANTED me to congregate around them...I just want to make sculpture...fool with me at your peril.

What's a relief without Gandhi's kids running their fingers over them?

++++WHAT??? How'd his kids get into this...and just what are they running their hands over? You is weird.

People do not live for art; art is made for the people; it lives because the people give it value and see it as living...

++++All of THAT rumbling to wind up with THIS pisheeta????

: the people are inextricable from the cause and the fight. respect the people, respect the cause.

+++People are undividable from their assholes...love the People, take some assholes into the bargain...unless people ARE their own assholes...in which case refer to c on line 8 of paragraph B subsection 12 and you'll REALLY understand what I mean!

-- pancho
-- signature .

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