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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 7:47PM :

In Reply to: clarification posted by Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 4:45PM :

: the thing you *think* you are doing is "winning a fight,"

+++The thing you "think" you are doing is thinking you know what I think I am thinking.

being so strong or ingenious or whatever it is you think you are being when you pull your punches.

+++I don't pull my punches...Jackie or you, when you guys decide it would be "fun" to play rough and act just like one of the guys, you forget there is a down side to it...when it comes you whip out a fan, blink your baby browns and repeat..."I have always depended on the kindness of strangers", clank, clank.

Jackie didn't cry and run out of the room when I said "no". She turned as mean as any asshole of a man would have...a cowardly man...who ran off to wreck my work, our monument, my family and anything else her rage and envy could swallow. That she is a low woman may endear her to you...I for one have no love for a man or woman who acts the part of a rat...neither do you till it suits you to remind us all you are just a dear little female who should be "protected" from the follies of her immediate and childish desire to act just like any male asshole, then retreat to a female asshole and cry for "help".

but that is not the case when your "punches" take the form of mentioning a certain woman's genitals at your convenience on your own forum. you are trying to hurt a woman using a cultural advantage that you have just because you were born male.

+++Up your nose...go tell this stuff to your stud muffin. Being a woman gives you no lock on understanding doesn't belong to you ipso facto because you were born with a comes through the mind you mental Bimbo.

there is no "strength" or "ingenuity" in that kind of a fight, even though you say & think that you are using these things.

+++It isn't a fight at one fights around here or anywhere else...they assassinate people's characters and reputations and families on the sly...I'm just fatally honest that's pretty in pink assholette.

the same thing could be done to any grown female in your family, just as Gandhi pointed out, by *any* other male.

++++Worse was done to the females in my family, my daughter included, who never hurt anybody. Jackie and her gutless husband triffled as they pleased with a family and a man's profession as if it didn't matter at all. You aren't here defending Jackie or any female are here crying for yourself which is all your life amounts to, all your friggin higher education amounts to...I suppose you're going to want all these posts removed as well? What do you think this is...a place for you to rest your insecurities bravely spill your swill then recant when you sober up or pull your pants back on and want us all to rush to the controls and erase what you can't stand behind for two minutes? I am out here taking the heat...male or female, makes no difference to me...let it make a diffrence to those who think to play rough, then can't take it.

what makes you so special, strong, ballsy, or ingenius for using this argument, then? that is my argument.

+++I am none of those things...I am also not the man or woman to back away from a gun, knife or Jackie. You goils want to play with the boys...then learn how far to go and what may come back at you. If I walk into downtown LA I'm not about to call someone a nigger than plead with him or her not to hurt me cause I'm really just a pansy assed white guy who should be given special privilieges.

You can't take along for good and all.

You give women a bad name.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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