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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 8:12PM :

In Reply to: actually, posted by Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 7:55PM :

: i think the problem lies in how Fred deals with things in general

+++Have you peepil nothing better to do?

- i get the impression that he enjoys arguing more than many people do & that he justifies his personal dislikes with a more "noble" cause, such as promoting the Assyrian identity. that's the impression i get.

+++++It's the bugs. See it's easy to get to feeling superior when dealing with centipedes and all. One of these days you'll graduate, maybe have a meaningful conversation with a pig.

: maybe he started out differently, but NOW he's deteriorated to something else

+++I started out as a child.

- someone really paranoid & who likes to take things more personally & to project sinister motives he's witnessed in other people on people he barely knows (like us).

+++ARE you sinister? Foolish yes...but sinister????

: for instance, he continually said that you wanted him to go to Iraq so that the Assyrian community could get rid of him. you said that was not the case, that you were urging him to live his own words.

+++I don't remember ever saying those words..."I want to go to Iraq"...those were her words...mine were," DON"T want to go to Iraq". Am too?

so, here he ascribed a [mean] "motive" to you & your posts which was not the same motive that you said you had.

++++Now THAT'S deep.

: another instance - his continual prattling on & on about my genitals

+++WHAT???? MY prattling...jesus christ lady I was ready to buy STOCK in your pooter you were "offering" it so much!

- he made it sound like i was just as bad as he describes Jackie.

+++It isn't "bad" to want to get laid. It is bad not to take "no" for an answer...and kill someone.

my joking about genitals had nothing to do with any desire for anyone on the board (another thing he liked to insinuate out of his paranoia), but because i thought it was funny & also i was giving him back the same bullshit he was handing over to me.

+++Nice try sweetcheeks!

: Fred's probably under a lot of stress with these law suits & his being broke, but he's become a complete basketcase/whacko/nut which you can witness in his writings of late. this is understandable, though. poor thing.

++++Which of your sensible, strong, heartfelt, meaningful, deep, pithy, challenging posts would you like us to clean up for you THIS time? Poor thing.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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