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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 9:03AM :

>>>Hope I got your last name right...haven't a lawsuit in front of me just now.

Welcome to our humble site. There is much more to us than this bit of nastiness...but we have these pimples to pop before we move on.

As you may or may not care we are getting quite a readership. I get mail from lots of places...did you know the governor of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico is Chaldean? Anyway it seems some fellow has downloaded all the posts we ever put up...can't imagine why. Whoever he is, he tells me not to worry, that he will put them up on a message board he'll create in another country under whatever name I tell him not to put it under. Naturally I am flattered...Jackie should be too.

There will be cartoons soon, in addition to the "Jackie Bejan Armenian Bitch Goddess Doll"...with accessories. An honorable woman would not have gotten herself into this bind, but you don't represent people because they are honorable...and I don't do this to honorable women...I don't care what they pay.

If it strikes Jackie as too humiliating to send a check for $5.99 to Coyote and help some reformed hooker somewhere...then tell her I will stop ALL references to her if she will compensate me for what I am out of pocket as a result of remaining in California to help install the Shumirum in time for the San Jose convention...and cast and cart around and rent trucks to deliver and display sculpture that was damaged by her goons.

I delayed our move, and my work, in order to do this for the Assyrians of San Jose and the rest of us...not for Jackie. For the five months out of my life, wasted for nothing, I want $20,000 in expenses. I'd also like a token $5000 for the loss of other sales I would have made had she not had me tossed out. I figure if I sold one sculpture in ten minutes for that amount, I would have at least sold one more. Not to mention the Hammurabi models I could have sold, thereby keeping the monument on track and not wasting $90,000 spent on it already.

That could easily have amounted to twenty or thirty thousand in that one that would have been used to support my family and continue the work I am doing...trying to do.

We wont mention anything about slandering me, or all the damage and hardship I have suffered since then. I think $25,000 is very fair. I realize I begin to cut into your own bottom line where her bottom is concerned, but you can find lots of adenoidal women who can't get laid and want to make an issue out of it.

There you have it...$5.99 to Coyote...or $25,000 to me, and everything will be removed and I'll sign in blood that I wont mention her any more. I also believe I can convince whoever my doppleganger is to go along with this.

Last night I taped an hour long expose of Jackie and we'll be streaming it for this site. If any more cats get out of the bag it will be too late to recall them, so I'd suggest we move quickly and make everyone happy by puting an end to me put Jackie's knees back together again and spare us all this nauseating spectacle.

I am at work even now on a cartoon that will replace the one you see at the top of the page...act now before the Christmas rush.

Is this extortion? Do I care? Is what Jackie did to me the insanity of a woman in hot pants who's never heard the word "no" before...especially not when she "invested" over $70,000 in what she felt sure would be a sure thing...for sure? I'm not sure.

I don't know. These are filosfical questions and I'm just a poor dumb, mean and vulgar sculptor, artist, cartooninst, writer, satirist, speaker and jerk from hell. Maybe not the best kind of guy to sue in the first place. Let her think about it...but not too long.

Thanks. When this is all over let's get together and share a beer and I'll tell you what REALLY happened.


Fred Parhad

-- pancho
-- signature .

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