Open Letter To Pope John Paul Jones

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 9:26AM :

Dear Holy Putz,

No one wants any advice from you on world peace or anything else...but as you never hesitate to put your oar in, I'm going to offer you and that corporation you head some advice on diddling priests.

Most sexual acts aren't about sex at all...they are power plays. Men who rape women seldom "get it up". What turns them on is the power differential. Most men are scared little boys who center their egos in their pathetic wee wees (pricks to you)...who are hen pecked by parents, bosses, policemen, policewomen...who are expected to act the part of a Julius Caesar in the world when in relity they are running scared of a "pink slip" and can only manage to play the Tough stud at home, wailing on their wives and children.

Cary Staynor, the guy who killed the mother and two young women in Yosemite said he'd never felt so powerful as when he ordered the two frightened girls to have sex with each other while he watched...not exactly a turn on for any of them sexually...but a definite shot in the arm for a guy who equates power with sex. What man doesn't?

That brings us back to you and your whorehouse of a church where you guys play the part of procurers. Let's face it, part of the appeal in joining your smutty club in the first place is the easy access to all those rosy little bottoms. Think back to a time when being Gay was really frowned upon and pedophiles weren't sprouting like corn...where else could a guy go and have other guys down the hall...cherubic bottoms for desert AND a God smiling down on all this stuff.

Now part of it is your's in the insitution, a part of it. As your priests fuck children, each other and yourself fuck with your priests...metaphorically speaking of course. Where your priests reach into a childs pants, you reach into their hearts and minds and diddle and piddle and molest their humanity, their intelligence, their reason as if you were wanking them off in that other way as well. Your priests, looking for all the world like grown men...are completely under your thumb...they have to keep their mouths shut when they don't agree with you...they have to go where you tell them to, think as you say they must, speak and act as you order them to...deny their own common sense and human decency bending their will to your fanatic and fascist tendencies...all the while believing the most incomprehensible swill ever composed by one or two rat bastards sitting on a dung hill 1000 years ago.

Naturally, they feel like your children...and as you "fuck" with them at will...they learn from you and look around to see who they have power over...who they can meddle with and diddle. Naturally they latch on to our children first...that's the easiest mark available. You set the example for them...this isn't about sex...who in their right mind can feel "sexy" with a five year old boy on his lap? These shameless acts are a reflection of the shameful ways in which you treat adults who come to you in about as confused and pathetic a state imaginable, only to be worked over by your silly doodles some more until they can't tell a toilet from a child's bottom.

The fact that you run a revolving door and a travel agency for "Sex Trips" by circulating these motherfuckers from unsuspecting parish to foolish congregation proves what is most important to you. other corporations hire whores to work their bring along Altar Boys and dress them up and ply them all with liquor and all of it in God's name...or the cover for your indecency you've made of him.

You make me ARE sick. Where's the surprise? The most guilty of all are the foolish parents who believe in you to begin with, who think gold candlesticks and fancy clothes indicate "Godly" favor and divine sanction....they deliver their children's minds into your unholy keeping as they deliver their babies' bottoms to your perverted power plays you dumb fucks think is what Sex is all about.

The best thing we ever did is send old Abraham out of Ur to go spawn the bunch of you in that're now going to make of everyone's destiny.

-- pancho
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