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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 9:46AM :

In Reply to: Not a holocaust, just ethnic cleansing posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 8:55AM :

What are the Palestinians supposed to do except fight back with all their heart and souls and bodies against injustice and oppression lasting now for more than forty years?

What else are the Jews supposed to do except fight back with body and heart and soul against injustice and oppression that has lasted for 2000 years.

This is my dilemna. The same right to self defense and violence in their defense of themselves, their families and their homes...I have to give to both sides. What angers me is the way in which the pernicious Christians who started all of this, stand back and want to play the part of "Honest Broker"...and how they've managed to hornswaggle the rest of us into believing that the Israelis are "running" things and can't be stopped...tapping into the anti-Jewish sterotypes we all carry inside, compliments of the same religion that brought you the "Fornicating Fathers of Whoredoms".

The idea that the Israelis are acting on their own and in their own self interest is ludicrous. How in god's name did the Jews get the "power" to create Israel a few short years after a war that saw them brought to their knees as a People in a way never achieved against any other? After a war when they lost so much of their vaunted wealth...that they were STILL able to "buy" Israel. A time when their influence was so low they couldn't convince Roosevelt to bomb the concentration camps or get permission for one lousy boatload of Jewish refugees from Hitler's Germany to land in a country as large as the United States...that sent them back to their death inspite of all that "Jew Media and Banker" bullshit. Just where did all this "power" come from all of a sudden?

And where were they supposed to Europe again when they had just seen how welcome they were? maybe off to Latin America where nothing but Catholics and more murder awaited them at any time the people there felt put upon and "abused" by Jewish POWER? Aren't Jews even today running from Argentina to Israel of all places because they are fearful of reprisals against them for their "banking" techniques that might well be blamed from the crisis there? Would it be the first time in history? Haven't there been bombing attacks against the Jewish community in South America already in the last twn years or more? Where WOULD they prefer to get bombed and killed...I mean that's the insane choice Christianity has brought them to...where? In Argentina, in Germany, Italy, or in their own Homeland? Don't people yearn to die at home? Has the Church ever allowed the Jews to be at home anywhere they could help it? Weren't they kicked out of every country in Europe several times over...robbed, killed, forced to convert, having their children taken from them?

What the Church has managed to do is turn the Muslim world against the Jews as well...where once relations between them were cordial and respectful...considering that everone has had civil wars and neighbor has killed neighbor in Europe and America and everywhere else too. Now the Jews have not a friend in the world...isolated even more than ever...hostile Muslims all around and murderous Christians beyond them.

I hope they blow the church of the Nativity sky high...just save the Palestinians and others inside. That church is the symbol of all this religion has done to antagonize and inflame the Jews, to oppress and abuse and butcher and slander them for centuries...bringing them back to where it all started...facing off against the one religion and People who were their friends for all the years the Church hunted them down lkie dogs. That's the tragedy here not the church...burn it.

-- pancho
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