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Posted by David Chibo from ? ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 11:19AM :

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Speaking of batheys...I'll tell you a funny story that occurred when we were in Damascus.
We we staying in a seedy tourist hotel. Little did we know it but right next to the window pane sat one of the local mosque's speakers.
Anyway....on the day we were catching our plane to Kamishli we woke at 4 am and showered and packed for the trip.
Doc got up first and jumped in the shower. I decided to catch a few more ZZZZZs. Fifteen minutes later I was awoken by the sound of what I thought was screaming......turns out it was the local Mosque's call of Alah Akbar!
I fell alseep again only to be woken by a second scream...this one coming from the shower.
Poor Sankho the water had run out and the second half of his shower had to be conducted in icy cold water.

For a second there I thought he had converted on me.
Morale of the story is...never trust a Damascus Showery.....muchtheless a Damascus Bathee!


-- David Chibo
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